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Start A Business

Welcome to Corpnet! Our business filings experts can file all of the paperwork necessary to start your business in any state. We are Fast, Reliable, Affordable, and Guaranteed.

Start My Business Now:

Learn More about Starting My Business

Download "The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business" by CorpNet and answer your questions about:

  • Business Structures like the LLC (Limited Liability Company), the S Corporation, and more

  • Protecting your business trademarks, copyrights, and patents

  • Running your business under multiple names or in multiple states

  • Corporate Compliance and Annual Report Requirements

  • ….and more

Forming an LLC? The Limited Liability Company is "Most Popular."

The LLC is a very popular form of business structure. It offers the same or similar level of asset protection as a corporation while requiring only minimal formalities be observed (similar to a sole proprietor or partnership). Learn more about:

Incorporating a Business?

Learn more about the Benefits of Incorporation, and the different types of corporations like C-Corporation, S-Corporation, the LLC, and more.

Selecting a Business Structure

The business structure you select will have an impact on your tax liability, personal liability, and much more.

Naming Your Business?

Naming a business is one of the most exciting parts of the business startup process. The experts at Corpnet can research your desired business name availability and reserve a business name or register it for you.

Download the Free "Starting a Business" Checklist

Download the Free "Starting a Business Checklist" written by our small business attorneys at Corpnet.

Run A Business (Corporate Compliance Monitoring & Filings)

Working “smart” can produce far greater results than working “hard.” Corpnet offers a suite of time and money-saving business filings services that are affordably priced.

  • Free Corporate Compliance and Business Monitoring with the B.I.Z. ™
    • Signup and receive calendar alerts for important due dates and filing deadlines for your business.
  • With just a few clicks, you can:
    • Change your company name
    • Qualify an “out of state” corporation or LLC to do business in your state
    • File and Initial Report or Annual Report
    • …and so much more!

File Articles of Amendment

Certain fundamental changes to an existing corporation or LLC may require the filing of Articles of Amendment with the governing state office, usually the Secretary of State. Depending on your jurisdiction, some of the following changes in a company may require articles of amendment be filed:

  • Changes to the Company Name
  • Registered Agent Information
  • Registered Office Information or Company Business Address
  • Director or Member Information
  • Number of Authorized Shares
  • Business Activities of the company

File Articles of Dissolution

Close Down a corporation or LLC by filing Articles of Dissolution. Until this document is filed, the owners and officers of a corporation or LLC could be charged penalties, fines, and taxes by government authorities.

File an Annual Report or an Initial Reports

View state fees and pricing and file an annual report or initial report for your corporation or LLC online.

Foreign Qualification

Qualify your corporation or LLC to conduct business in a state outside of its home state (the state of formation).

Registered Agent Services

Obtain a registered agent in one or multiple states depending on where your corporation or LLC operates. Corpnet offers the most reliable and trusted Registered Agent services across the United States.

Corporate Supplies

Order a corporate kit, a corporate seal, additional stock certificates or LLC member certificates for your corporation or LLC.


Perform a FREE Trademark Search online to determine whether anyone is infringing on your trademarks…or whether your trademarks may be infringing on the rights of others.