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“Using Corpnet to start my business was a smart,
time-saving decision. I would use corpnet again.”
--99 out of 100 customers surveyed agree.
*See Official, “Under-Oath” Survey Results.

The Mission:

Corpnet is the smartest, most affordable, reliable, and convenient way to start a business and ensure good standing and corporate compliance.

Starting a Business?: Corpnet will prepare and file the documents necessary to start your business in any state. Incorporate a business, form an LLC (Limited Liability Company), or File a DBA (Sole Proprietor) in any state or county in the U.S.

Already in Business?: Corpnet will send you alerts when your annual reports and other business filings are due. Filing an annual report, changing a company name, or preparing corporate minutes is just a few clicks away. Maintain your Corporate Compliance and Corporate Standing with Corpnet’s Corporate Compliance Tool – the B.I.Z. (Business Information Zone) ™

We are Fast, Reliable, Affordable, & Guaranteed.

“Our Entrepreneurial Journey”
-By Nellie Akalp, CEO of Corpnet, Incorporated

Compelled to be an Entrepreneur

My husband and I started our first “incorporation service” in 1997 while we were attending law school. Our two-bedroom apartment was quickly filled with office supplies, outgoing customer packages, and ringing telephones. Frankly, we were surprised by the overwhelming customer demand for our honest, time-saving, and affordable incorporation services.

The name of that business was “” Intuit (the makers of Quickbooks and Turbo Tax) acquired from us in 2005. We never “had to” work again!

At barely 30 years of age, we had “retired” …and we HATED it!

We soon discovered that we were ‘Entrepreneurs’ - Owning and operating a business is the only way we can achieve that true “Mind, Body, & and Soul” balance that is a critical element or our happiness.

Nellie Akalp
CEO, Corpnet, Incorporated

Philip Akalp
Dir. Web Marketing

Husband & Wife Entrepreneurs

Phil is an AMAZING Husband, Father, and business partner. Although he is a licensed lawyer, he is a much more effective web marketer, product developer, and sounding board for me whenever I face important issues at work. He is consistently striving to improve the customer and user experience at and a few of the other legal “do-It-yourself” websites that he has founded. When he’s with his development team, watch out, because anything is possible.

Today, I am CEO & Founder of I have an unrelenting passion for assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs in starting and protecting their businesses. Through the various “Do-It-Yourself” and “Business-Startup” services we have founded since 1997, we have formed over 100,000 corporations and LLCs for small business owners in every state in the United States.

Honest, Upfront, Affordable Pricing

We believe in honest, upfront pricing. Our order forms and product pages clearly display all Corpnet fees and those fees paid to state agencies for your filings fees. State fees are never marked up to make a profit. They are the same state fees you would pay directly to the state office.

We believe the importance of legally and ethically protecting your personal assets from business liabilities.

We believe that small business is the backbone of this nation’s economy.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe a customer should be 100% satisfied with his or her experience here at Corpnet. Thus, our service fees are 100% refundable for up to 30 days after you receive your package. See Details for the Corpnet 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Talent in our Trade, Passion in our Work

I enjoy writing about and discussing legal and small business issues concerning everything from business startup through acquisition. I am also responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operations of Corpnet. I am here, on site, 5 days per week (with my partner/husband) unless we are travelling on business, or with our family.

I am grateful to our blog readers and contributors, our Facebook fans, and our Twitter followers for their support and loyalty. Thanks to their support, I have been selected as a blogger for a variety of small business outlets, including: AMEX Open, Small Business Trends,, and Mashable.

Our team of dedicated experts and support staff here at Corpnet bring experience, expertise, and a sincere enthusiasm about your new business startup. We believe that passion and excitement for your work, drastically increase the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us. If we didn’t sincerely LOVE our jobs, we’d be doing something else …or working somewhere else.

Most importantly, I want to thank YOU - our entrepreneurial customers who recognize and seek out a smart value like Corpnet.

May you be as passionate about your business, as we are about Corpnet!

Nellie Akalp
CEO, Corpnet, Incorporated

Corpnet Team
*FOOTNOTE: Corpnet Customer Satisfaction Survey June 2013 Details

During June, 2013, Corpnet, Incorporated employees contacted and spoke with 100 existing Corpnet customers. Each customer was asked the following questions:

  1. Do you feel that Using Corpnet to start your business was a smart, time-saving decision?

  2. Would you use Corpnet again?

Each employee carefully recorded the results of the survey after each telephone call. Each employee has sworn, “Under Penalty of Perjury” that they have recorded their results accurately. The results of the survey are as follows:

Survey Question

Do you feel that Using Corpnet to start your business was a smart, time-saving decision?

Would you use Corpnet again?

An official copy of each employee’s declaration for corpnet surveys is maintained on premises at Corpnet Headquarters