While your broader marketing campaign may have been planned weeks or months ago, you may still be looking for last-minute holiday marketing ideas for your blog, ebooks, or whitepapers. Using the holidays for some of your content can attract more readers, as well as help you find more customers before the end of the year.

Ready for the list? Take notes!

1. Highlight Your Top Products

While you don’t want all your blog content to be promotional in nature, a few product-centric posts this time of year may introduce blog readers to your products and give them gift ideas. Link to your top sellers, or make a list of “Top Gifts for {insert person here, like Boss/Mother in Law/Precocious Child}” to make it even easier to cross everyone off their shopping list.

2. Create Free Giveaways

Content is a wonderful gift for your audience and is relatively inexpensive (especially if you write it yourself). Write an ebook or whitepaper chock full of useful statistics or tips that your audience will be eager to give you their email address to get their hands on. Use those email addresses in your email campaigns.

3. Send Holiday-Specific Emails

Once you have those email addresses, send highly-targeted offers with a sense of urgency (“Offer ends December 31!”). If you’re in B2C, focus on end of year gifts. If you’re B2B, put the stress on buying supplies or services before this year’s budget runs out.

4. Give Your Best Offer Yet

You may email out coupons throughout the year, or share great deals on social media, but make this time of year the best chance your contacts have of scoring an amazing discount on your products or services. And let them know what they’re getting. This offer is good for a limited time, and they won’t be able to get it next year.

5. Customize Your Email Content

You’ve got the technology to segment your email list based on what your subscribers are interested in, or on past purchases, so put that to good use by sending content and offers that are geared toward each audience. This will increase the conversion you see.

6. Holiday Fun Blog Posts

Not every holiday marketing idea has to drive sales. Now’s a fun time of year, so let down your hair a little on your blog. Use the season to inspire content ideas. Think about what lessons Santa or Rudolph would offer your audience. Or make a collage of Ugly Sweater photos. Elf Yourself with your team, and share that will followers. Show your followers that you’re not all business all of the time.

7. Create a Template

Here’s your chance to get creative. You could create a template for fill-in-the-blank coupons (“Good for one hug!”), sales contracts, or gift cards. Brainstorm on what would give your audience value, then invest in designing a template that people will want to share.

8. Create a Roundup Interview

Another opportunity to give your readers a sneak peek at what your company is like is to write an interview-style blog post and ask questions to your staff. Share their answers, along with their photos, in a post to help readers feel connected to the faces that make up your business.

9. Share Your Company’s Resolutions

Get a head start on New Year’s resolutions by sharing yours with your readers. It’s a nice way to be transparent with company goals, as well as look at how successful you were this year in achieving what you set last year.

10. Send Holiday Wishes

People typically scale back the reading of blog posts around Christmas and New Year’s, so keep your message simple. Use a short, heartfelt wish and an appealing image to celebrate the season with your audience.