Every year we start fresh with a new year and a new set of goals. The New Year celebration is one of my favorites for this very reason. It’s not like starting over; it’s just adding to what we’ve already done and fixing the things that didn’t work as well as we had hoped. We make resolutions to achieve goals. I’m not talking about quitting smoking or losing weight (although those are great goals), I am talking about making money and doing more and achieving the financial goals we need to live happier lives. Here’s a few of those goals that I will be sharing in an upcoming webinar on astutemy.com:

Build a solid marketing plan and give it time to work

I know, it sounds a bit old school and I agree that it is in some ways. But if you have no plan, you have no future. I’m not saying a company can’t be successful without one. I am saying that with a plan, you can make better choices, move faster, stay focused and manage your budget with ease. To begin, you must set a strategy and define your goals. Then, you must define how you will achieve them using various tactical methods. Then, be relentless. Work harder than you have ever worked in your life. Whatever it takes. And most importantly, focus on ROI (return on investment).

Step outside your comfort zone

I know, it’s scary out there. You aren’t sure if you are making the right choice and you often feel like you have to step out of your comfort zone. Facing the challenges you have in front of you is hard and you to do things you don’t always like to do. But you have to do them because no one else will do them for you. Take risks and leap and jump in. Stop procrastinating. Conquer your fears. Speak in front of a large group. Ask for the sale. Be bold.

Be the best entrepreneur you can be

You sometimes think you are the chef, waiter and busser all at the same time. Well, you are! This is what is wonderful about being an entrepreneur. It’s also what’s so challenging about the role. Nothing is above or below you. You do it all. Later, you can delegate these tasks but no one will ever do it as well as you can. If this statement is not true, you are not the entrepreneur you think you are. You may need a partner to enhance your abilities or a team. You have to be honest with yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses. Compensate where you must and be great.

Stop kidding yourself

When things are going right, change it up. Stop thinking it will get better and make it better. Try something new, but also allow things time to work. Have patience and perseverance. Be strong willed, but not stupid. Trust your gut.

Fix what’s broken

So you don’t think you’re a good writer? Learn to write. Can’t close a sale? Learn how! Do you make poor decisions? Get help. Feeling drained? Eat better and exercise. Don’t have a certain skill? You get the drill.

Improve your workspace

A comfortable chair, an ergonomic desk, a fast computer, good lighting and maybe a little music might help you flourish. Invest in yourself and your work. Don’t go crazy. You don’t need the best, but you do need good stuff to get the job done. Then, work towards the best. Achieve more and earn what you need to get to the next level.

Focus on your personal life

If you aren’t happy at home, you’ll never be great at work. Be sure to balance your life and be present with your family. Work hard, play hard. Give yourself time to breathe and enjoy the ride.

Do what you love

If you don’t love what you do, stop right now and find what you do love. You cannot be successful if your passion is not properly aligned with your goals.

Master your most important skills

Be great at something. Focus on what works for you and what brings the best return and be great at it. Don’t limit yourself. You can learn more every day and you must. Learning must never stop and learning more about what is important must continue daily.

Be the boss

Not everything you do will be adored by your staff, but everything you do MUST be adored by your customers. Being the boss can be hard and it can be very lonely. No one will ever be you, so don’t set the bar too high with your staff. Set a bar however and push them to reach it. Be strong, confident, wise and be human. But never let anyone keep you from achieving your goals. When you make a decision, stand by it and never give up.