Think email marketing is dead? Think again. It’s still the most effective channel for direct marketing, according to a 2013 Direct Marketing Association study. If you’ve given up on (or not started using) email, here’s why you need to jump back on the email bandwagon.

  1. Targeting is a Whole Lot Better. A few years ago, the best we could customize emails was to say “Dear Susan” at the start of it. Now we have the technology to customize the offers a subscriber receives based on her online activity and shopping preference. What that means for you? Better conversion to sales.
  2. Mobile Spurs More Email Opens. People are opening emails on their phones and tablets. In fact, 62% of emails sent are open on mobile devices. That’s more opportunity for you to capture them with your emails.
  3. You Can Use the Content You’ve Already Got. There’s no need to create new content for your monthly newsletter; simply reuse a post from your blog and link to it to drive traffic there.
  4. You Need to Stay Top of Mind. Consumers have short attention spans, so you’ve got to make sure you’re there in their inbox each month. Think of your emails as a little “hello!” to remind folks to buy from your brand.
  5. People Can Share Emails on Social. Email templates allow recipients to share the content in your emails on Facebook, Twitter, and more. That means free advertising and a wider reach for you!
  6. You Need to Diversify Your Marketing Basket. Social media marketing alone won’t generate all the sales you want. Neither will blogging or advertising. The more channels you use to lead people back to your site, the greater your sales.
  7. You Want More Money. And email can deliver it. On average, businesses reaped in $40 for every dollar spent on email marketing last year.
  8. People Still Like Email. Social media updates fly by in a flash, but people have to make the conscious decision to open or delete an email. Sure, email has been around for a while, but the engagement factor remains.
  9. It’s Easier Than You Think. You don’t have to be design-minded or technical to use email marketing platforms like MailChimp. They include templates you can easily customize to look professional.
  10. It’ll Build Your Brand Following. If someone follows you on social media, visits your site, and subscribes to your emails, you’ve got a loyal fan. The more regularly you stay in touch, the stronger that relationship. That’s a solid foundation for building new customers and brand evangelists.