Plant Growing in TubeNow that the festivities of Christmas and New Year have died down, you can put more energy toward the strategies you’ll use to grow your business this year. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to start the year off right.

1. Refocus on Your Business

if you’re like a lot of folks, you got a bit distracted with the merriment of the end of the year. No worries; now’s the time to recenter yourself and think about what you want to achieve this year.

2. Modernize your Emails

Mobile Internet usage is on the rise (50% of mobile phone users use their phones as their primary Internet device), and you need to ensure all your marketing is mobile friendly. Start with your emails for better readability and more clicks to your site.

3. Take a New Look at Your SEO

With all the changes Google made last year to SEO, it’s wise to make sure you’re still using SEO in a way that will attract more visitors (and search engines) to your site, not repel them. Make sure your content is written for humans, not search engines.

4. Re-Evaluate Your Business Structure

Maybe you’ve been considering incorporating your business. Don’t put it off any longer; it’ll protect your personal assets and help keep your company compliant with state laws.

5. Optimize Your Website Design

If you last had your site design updated in 1999, it’s time to breathe new life into it. There are so many web design features that appeal to visitors; you’ll be pleasantly surprised what a few tweaks can do for your traffic.

6. Review Your Employment Needs

2014 might be the year you expand your staff. Consider the workloads of each of your employees, and decide whether it’s time to add on more staff. Start with freelancers or part-timers if budget is a concern.

7. Make It Easier for Customers to Buy

Offering too many product or service options to your customers can lead to “analysis paralysis.” You want it to be dead simple to make a purchasing decision from your site. Weed out the products that are less popular and put your attention on selling more of the successful ones.

8. Develop Visual Media to Brand Yourself

Don’t consider yourself design-inclined? Work with designers to develop visual media you can use to market and brand your business, like videos, infographics and custom images.

9. Improve Your Web Content

Take a look at both your web copy and your blog content. Is it truly targeting your intended audience, or could it stand some rework? It never hurts to freshen up your web content, so make it a goal this year.

10. Increase Your Focus on Customer Service

Making happy customers should be at the forefront of everything you do, from product design to marketing and sales. Find new ways to connect with your customers, like using social media as a customer support channel.

You’ll likely have more strategies you want to implement this year to add to this list. Work through them all and reap the benefits!

Need help with #4 on your list? Try out our free Business Structure Wizard to see what business structure is right for you.