I write blog posts now and then – you’re actually reading one now. I like writing posts and think I have a good hang of it after a few years. However I also read a lot of blog posts – and I mean a lot.

For my moderation job with Bizsugar I read at least ten posts a day – and share the ones I like.

For my new Managing Editor job with TweakYourBiz I read and sometimes edit two or three posts a day. And recently I was asked to be a judge for Blog Awards Ireland and had to read a lot of posts.

I’m not saying I’m an expert, but from everything I read I have a good grasp on what people like and can also see what works well. So based on posts I have come across in my blog travels here are some tips to ensure you write bad posts that no-one will want to share and they definitely won’t come back to read your posts again.

#1 Bad spelling and poor grammar

Make sure you don’t spell check your post before you publish it. If you know you aren’t the best speller in the world – and I’m sure you are in the majority so don’t worry – then don’t bother asking a friend or colleague to have a quick read. Use your instead of you’re, lose instead of loose, double negatives and commas instead of full stops. Go for it, makes for easy reading…..doesn’t it?

#2 Too much sales speak

You love your product or service and just know that everyone else will love it too so make sure you tell everyone about it as often as possible in your blog posts. You want to sell it so of course, you have to mention it with lots of links to it. People will love hearing about it over and over again and enjoy having it rammed down their throats. Buy, Buy, Buy = byebye.

#3 Bad formatting

If you have written a long post ensure you don’t format it to make it easier to read. Don’t use headings and sub-headings, leave a list like it is without bullet points and make your paragraphs really long. Don’t bother using pictures to break up the text and make it look pretty. Use a black background with colored writing to make it really hard for the reader to focus on the words. Make your post hard to read – great idea, isn’t it?

#4 Too much tech speak or boring content

Write like you’ve swallowed a dictionary and of course everyone will understand the “big” words that you use. You enjoy the topic you’re writing about and presume everyone else will be interested so just write away using words not many people will come across in normal life. Don’t bear in mind that other people won’t understand and certainly don’t explain what you are talking about for new readers. You don’t want people to understand you….do you?

#5 Bad links

Don’t check the links you’ve put in – they may not be correct and just broken links. Make sure the links don’t open in a new page so the reader is navigated away from your page to something more interesting. They have to remember your URL or hit the back button to read more of your post and you don’t want them coming back, do you?

#6 Infrequent publishing

Blogging isn’t very important to you so you just check in now and then, expecting your reader to know when you’ve written a good post that needs to be read. Could be one or two weeks or maybe even more – you don’t’ want to keep your readers engaged right?

#7 Hard to leave a comment

You aren’t really interested in getting comments on your blog so you make it really hard for people to leave a comment. Maybe you don’t even allow comments at all. Ensure they have to log in or sign up to something to leave a comment. Make them go through hoops just to say something on your post. And of course if they do then whatever happens don’t reply, not even a thank you, because that would be bad, wouldn’t it?

#8 Keep your Social Media links secret

Make it impossible for people to follow you on Social Media by not bothering to put your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn links on your blog. Don’t put an RSS feed on your post so people can’t subscribe to your posts. You don’t’ want to connect with them or let them read your posts anyhow do you?

#9 Don’t tell anyone about your post

You’ve only written the post for yourself to see so no point in telling anyone about it. Don’t share it on Social Media or other people will see it. It’s written and waiting there for people to miraculously know about it somehow – you’ve done your bit by writing it. Ensure you keep it secret, you don’t want anyone knowing what you have written now do you?

I hope the above has helped you understand how to create a bad blog. There is one final tip and it’s in the title so I’ll leave you to work that one out – believe me that I’ve seen that a few times. I’d love to hear your ideas for bad blogging too so please let me know below.