While you should show your customers how much you appreciate them year ‘round, the holidays provide even more opportunity to make them smile. These 10 tactics will show your clients how much they mean to you and your business.

1. Send a Heartfelt Card

Whether you customize corporate holiday cards with your logo or just buy a pack at the store, it’s the message inside that counts. Write a note to show each client that you’re thinking of them, and thank them for their continued support.

2. Host a Holiday Fete

If your clients are local, consider hosting a holiday party to celebrate them. They’ll get to not only meet your team that helps them, but also your other customers (great networking possibilities). They will get to see behind-the-scenes in your office where all the magic happens.

3. Create an Irresistible Offer

This season, people expect holiday discounts and deals. Get existing customers coming back with an extra special offer only given to them. This could include: buy one get two free, 60% off, or free gift with purchase.

4. Send a Useful Article

Not every act this season has to be a grand one. If you read an article that you think a particular client would enjoy, send him the link and mention why you think he’d enjoy reading it.

5. Treat Them to Coffee

A business coffee date is a great opportunity to unwind with a client and get to know them better. The topic of business doesn’t even need to come up; it’s more about building that bond.

6. Show Up with Treats

If your clients run their own businesses, delight them (and their staff) by coming by with cookies or holiday treats. The food — and the love — will get spread around the office.

7. Invite Them to a Community Event

If your business plans to participate in a holiday community event or festival, invite your clients to stop by. They’ll appreciate the effort to include them in your world.

8. Host a Hangout Party

If your clients aren’t local, you can still celebrate the holidays together — online. Host a virtual holiday party using Google Hangouts or webinar service, and introduce each client to one another. Include icebreakers and get them to talk with prompts like “If I could get any present in the world, it would be _____.”

9. Give a Gift

Client gift giving is common this time of year, so plan ahead! If you know your clients well, you may know exactly what to get each one (Ralph loves golf, so a themed gift basket is appropriate), or you can opt to get the same item for all (holiday treat basket). You may be able to get a corporate discount if you order in bulk.

10. Give Your Time

Sometimes what your clients want more than any gift basket is your time. Offer a free hour of consulting or make yourself more available to them so that they can pick your brain.

Showing your appreciation to clients doesn’t have to be expensive; sometimes the more creative the offering, the more it will stick out in their minds.