Facebook Logo on KeyboardFacebook is very probably where a lot of your customers are,  therefore you should have a presence there too for your business. You have to work a lot harder if you are a B2B rather than a B2C on the social site to get results, but it is still achievable. It isn’t necessarily a simple task to attract likes and therefore potential customers, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult either. Apart from all the tips below you must ENGAGE, or Social Media just won’t work for you.

Pimping Your Facebook Page

Here are 10 tips which you should find useful for your Facebook marketing:

# 1. Vanity URL

When you set up your page you’ll see the URL has lot of digits and letters in it. You can change this to a custom URL to make it easier to use on business cards and documentation. It also makes your page easier to find. Simply go to Edit page, Update Info, Basic Information, Username and choose the name you want to use – preferably your business name if it is available. Take your time with this, though, as you can only change this once. You can see Facebook’s guidelines for more information.

# 2. Upload a cover photo and button picture

Aside from the “About Page” being filled out and updated, make the most of the cover photo for your page, as it is the first thing that people will see when they come to your page. Ensure it is relevant to your business so what you do immediately stands out. Unfortunately Facebook rules that you cannot have more that 20% text on the picture, but this could be used strategically.  Use an image editor like Photoshop or Powerpoint to create your own special picture using text on it too.

For the smaller button picture: this is what will be used when you comment on your updates or other people’s pages, so I’d advise that you use your logo for this, provided it is clear when made smaller. Spiderworking.com have written a great post to help you with your Facebook cover photos.

# 3. Add apps to your page

You can add apps to your page, for example, a link to your Twitter feed, a Competitions button, Events planner, plus lots more. Go to Edit page, Update Info and then Apps. You’ll find some of the most used there, however when you are on an App page, go to the “About Us” and you can add that app to your page if it is available. These apps will make your page more interactive for visitors, which is always good.

When people visit your page, they’ll see up to four views and apps below the cover photo, and they can click to see up to twelve. You can choose which of your apps appear, as well as change the order they appear in, apart from the photos view, which always appears first.

# 4. Invite friends

Once you have created your page, invite friends to like it. These can be friends you have on Facebook already or you can use your email address book. Ask friends and family to like your page and recommend it to their network to get a head start too. Share your Facebook URL on other social networks. If you want to spend money on Facebook Adwords for likes, then that will help boost your numbers very quickly. For all of these options click on “Build Audience” at the top of your page.

# 5. Post regularly

Once your page is set up, you must keep it busy by posting updates regularly. There is no rule on how often to post, but from everything I read about Facebook ROI, people say 3 to 4 times a day works well. More than that can get spammy. Not everyone has the time to post this regularly and may not even be online, but try to update at least once a day. Don’t forget the Facebook Page app for your smartphone so you can use it on the go.

# 6. Scheduling updates

Scheduling posts can be really helpful for busy people or those that aren’t online much because they are out and about running their businesses. If you can find an hour one evening or on the weekend you could schedule your posts for the whole week. Personally I use Facebook’s own scheduler and find that works really well for me. Just put a status update or picture as though ready to hit post but click on the clock in the bottom left of the box and enter the date and time you want it to be published. You can always check back on what you have there by going to Edit Page and Use Activity Log. Social Media Examiner have a great step by step guide on using Facebook Scheduled Posts.

There are lots of other scheduling apps that you can use with Facebook, but my preferences are Buffer, Hootsuite and SocialOomph.

But don’t forget that even though you may have scheduled updates you must respond when people comment – which is what you really want them to do. Ignoring people or taking days to reply will make them stop commenting on your page and you really don’t want that.

# 7. What to post?

Facebook can be a strange creature. Although you may be on there as a business and you mainly deal with B2Bs, you can still have some fun on Facebook. Try adding up some funny pictures or jokes, ask questions and provide puzzles to solve – they are always a good talking point when people are discussing the correct (and wrong) answers. How to get Reactions on Facebook is a post I had written previously about this.

Don’t keep to the boring business updates all the time. How about adding up some pictures of funny stuff in your office – or even just showing off your workplace or maybe you have some great views (or not) that you’d like to share?

Check your Insights to see what is working and what isn’t. Just click on the graph on your page and you can see a whole host of information there on your posts.

# 8. Link updates

I read a post on The Work at Home Woman blog recently that Facebook will show your updates in more timelines when it doesn’t have a preview box. I thought this was strange as using the Facebook preview box makes your page look a lot nicer rather than just a long URL link. So I decided to test this out on a few pages that I manage and it’s true. I am getting about 4 times more views to the text updates. Just write your post with the link included and when a preview box is automatically shown click on the X in the top right of the box to delete it. Try it yourself and see.

# 9. Ensure you give credit by linking to their Facebook page

If you are sharing a link to a post by someone else then it’s good to mention their Facebook page. To do this start with @ then type the name of their page – exactly the same as when you are tagging a friend on Facebook. NB you cannot tag a personal profile on your business page, just another business. It’s like a nod to the writer of the piece and you may even get noticed and dare I say it…..reciprocated.

# 10. Promote your updates

If you have a status update that you believe is important to your business – maybe a special offer, link to a blog you have written or news about your company – then you can pay a small amount to promote the post. This varies from $5 upwards – Facebook will tell you what the possible reach is for each amount you can choose from.

When you promote a post from your page, it will be shown in the News Feeds of more of the people who like your page than you would normally reach. You can choose to reach people who like your page or people who like your page AND their friends when you promote a post from your page – obviously the latter is better.

I’d love to hear of any suggestions you have for getting your Facebook page working well for your business.