As of September 30th, there will only be about 90 days left in the year and Q4 will be a reality. Rather than worrying about what you haven’t done, take time right now to research, prepare, and launch your Q4 marketing. So what do retailers need to be doing now to be ready for Q4? Here are 11 things you can do to to get your business ready:

Look at last year’s campaigns and repeat what works.

Study last year’s Q4 trends to see which tactics worked and which failed. Be tough in your evaluations. Why waste your time on efforts that don’t produce results? If your business is more recent, you can use tools like Google Trends to investigate the what and when of relevant keywords in your field.

Build campaigns around the products you want to push.

As a retailer, you may have a special or innovative product that you are excited to share with your customers. Use these distinctive products as the centerpiece of your Q4 campaign and build your efforts around this offering.

Start your social media efforts now.

This is the prime time to develop your Q4 social media push by making Pinterest boards featuring your products, developing a unique Twitter contest or creating a Facebook ad to attract your target market.

Hire help if you’ll need it.

Most retailers do a significant portion of their sales in Q4. If this is true of your company, now is the time to add extra hands. Remember the most capable assistants will find work easily, so act with speed to find the best help for your busy period.

Create personalized offers.

Take a look at your customer data to identify trends and encourage one-time customers to become repeat customers. You can also use retargeting ads to make special offers to users who have visited your website or signed up for your newsletter, who may not have made the jump to customer yet.

Update and optimize your product pages.

Make sure that your product pages are clean and ready for both readers and robots. Fresh and clean copy in product descriptions will help you build customer confidence which translates into higher sales. Consider offering tons of useful informational pages, the way CorpNet does, like on its LLC formation pages.

Create gift guides.

Use your blog to create gift guides that feature your products. A short video on Instagram or YouTube is another way for customers to see your products in action and deepen demand.

Adapt your content for mobile.

Reading on a small screen is more challenging than reading on a desktop, but consumers are spending more time on mobile devices. High quality content that is short and sweet sends a message to consumers that you understand the limitations of certain technologies and are willing to streamline your offerings with respect to this.

Build your customer base by asking established customers to refer friends.

Appreciative customers are more than happy to refer friends when you give them a little incentive to share your website with friends. Websites like ModCloth and True&Co give customers purchase credit when they refer friends who buy. It might seem like considerable effort, but you could quickly double or quadruple your customer base with no advertising if you invest in this alternative.

Stick to your branding.

It is tempting to jump on top of trends to get attention, but if the trends undermine your core brand identity, you weaken your customer base. You can build on your past efforts if you keep your eyes on your goals and focus on accomplishing them.

Give your customers a ‘Buy It Later’ option.

When shoppers are browsing during Q4, they may be shopping for someone else. Give them the option to save it for later and capture their email address and preferences. You can use this information later to send them reminders, special offers, or promotions.

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