Sample Facebook PostThe thing about social media and Internet marketing is that they’re constantly changing. As soon as you get used to one tool or technique, you’ve got to make room for another.

As a business owner, you’ve got to stay on top of social trends so that you can maximize your reach and get better SEO. Here’s what’s happening right now that you should be aware of.

Facebook Embedded Posts

Facebook recently rolled out its Embedded Posts feature. Why should you care about it? First of all, it allows you to embed other people’s posts on your website or blog. Let’s say someone writes a review of your product on their blog. You can now take a snapshot of the mention of that post from Facebook and embed it to look identical on your website or blog. From the embedded post, people can like or share it. This helps you get you more attention on content that you want to highlight.

As a content provider, it’s a great way to get more people sharing your content. If you wrote a fabulous blog post about Embedded Posts, for example, and shared it on your Facebook Page, it’s pretty simple for others to embed your post on their site. Voila: automatic larger reach.

Gmail Tabs

If you’re like a lot of Gmail users, your primary inbox has been flooded with work emails, as well as the latest Groupon deal, company newsletters, et cetera. Now Google has created three inboxes:

  • Primary

  • Social

  • Promotions

So as a user, this is useful because your emails are now sorted into categories you probably need. You can also customize the tabs.

For marketers, this initially caused panic, because they thought that this would push their email promotions and newsletters out of sight, reducing the open rates. Fortunately, recent studies show the opposite: many brands are seeing higher open rates as a result.

If you’re concerned that you’ve seen a dip in opens as a result of Google’s latest iteration, you can encourage subscribers to move your emails to their Primary inbox.

Google In-Depth Articles & Authorship

Leave it to Google to change yet again how we use content marketing. Its new In-Depth article guidelines now give more attention to certain articles that are — you guessed it — more in-depth on a broad topic.

Unfortunately, smaller brands are still finding it hard to crack the code on this trend, as the In-Depth articles are still few and far between, and tend to be dominated by major brands. Still, it can’t hurt to write longer articles (think 2,000-5,000 words) and see what happens.

Authorship, on the other hand, is something every content creator can take advantage of today. It creates a link between your Google + profile and the channels where you produce content, so that in search results, your avatar will appear next to any article you author on those channels.

It takes a little effort to set up, especially if you contribute content (including a one-off guest post) across multiple channels, but if it gets you more play on Google, it’s worth doing.

Will these trends stick around for long? It’s hard to say. What we do know is that if they can provide you an advantage in the marketplace, they’re worth a second look.