Business Woman with Thumbs UpJust getting started with your small business and need a little help? Sometimes the many tasks you’re faced with each day can be overwhelming. Instead of getting frustrated, take a load off with these tech startups that do the work for you…for free!

1. Trello

We mentioned the many tasks you have to do for a reason – it can be exhausting keeping track of everything! Even the most organized person in the world can lose track of a few tasks here and there, especially while juggling projects in progress, projects that need to be started and new customers beating down the door.

Instead of jotting everything down on a notepad or flooding your Google Calendar with cryptic notes, use Trello. It’s a free service that uses a whiteboard interface so you have a visual element to your organization. You simply make little notes and stick them to the whiteboard.

The best part is because everything is on a separate little note you can easily move it all around to reorganize. With just a few clicks you’ve moved four meetings, eight assignments, and one party invitation around to where they need to be.

2. Outright

Unless your business already revolves around numbers, you probably aren’t too thrilled about dealing with your business finances. Keeping financial records is easily one of the more irritating things about owning a small business, but it can make or break a new owner. After all, it’s vital to know where you’re losing money and how much you owe when tax time rolls around.

Taking in money and spending it is no problem, but when it comes to accounting, you don’t want to spend all your day doing that one task. That’s why we recommend Outright, an online solution for your financial needs.

Outright comes with a free basic account with an option to upgrade later. The basic account does all the accounting you need, though – simply import all your financial info (bank account, credit cards, etc.) and the app will then track all of your income and expenses. It’s really that simple! Plus, you can also create visual charts and graphs based on your info that will break down how well your business is doing.

3. ZenCash

Even though there are plenty of differences between small and large businesses, there is one thing they have in common: they have to worry about customers stiffing them! It’s an unfortunate downside to doing business, but what can you do?

Well, one thing you can do is to sign up with ZenCash to try and get the dough you deserve. You don’t have time to call, email and plead with late customers, so ZenCash does it for you.
As a third party, they simply send repeated notices to whoever owes you a payment. Hopefully, this works – if not, they send it to a collection agency, which is the only time ZenCash charges users.

These three startups have made small business owners’ lives easier by taking away simple tasks. Instead of beating your head against your desk trying to figure it all out yourself, why not give them a shot?

Jennifer Dunn is owner of Social Street Media, helping businesses connect with their customers through social media strategies and education. You can find her small business writing at Outright and WePay. Follow her on Twitter at @JennEscalona.