CorpNet TeamHas your business ever been “secret shopped” by a customer who turned out to secretly be writing a review of your business?

Whether you’re a restaurant owner watching for a popular restaurant critic or food blogger, or a retail store manager talking to customers who might be “secret shoppers,” there’s no denying that customer reviews – especially when they come as a surprise – can be exciting and also a bit nerve-wracking.

After all, you want every customer to have the best experience possible, but you also want to make sure that if something doesn’t go 100% right for a customer, they’re not going to turn out to be an influential critic or thought leader who will drive people away from your business.

My general philosophy about secret shoppers is that I welcome them. I’m glad to have customers share their opinions of our business, because that’s the only way we can keep getting better at what we do. (And hopefully, most of the time the customer feedback is 100% positive, so we have nothing to be afraid of!)

Our company, CorpNet, recently got “secret shopped” by an online review website called NextAdvisor, and we were pleased to see that their review was very favorable!

And in the spirit of transparency and honesty, here are a few of the remarks from the NextAdvisor review of CorpNet:

  • They loved our service: NextAdvisor said that CorpNet customer service was “the best we’ve ever experienced.” This is a major coup for our company and I’m very proud of our customer service team! At CorpNet we pride ourselves on our service, and on building long-term customer relationships. We love talking on the phone every day with entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners – and it shows! Not only that, but we always try to manage the details of every new business incorporation filing so that our customers won’t have to worry – we take the details and paperwork off their to-do list.
  • They noticed our focus: CorpNet runs a highly specialized service, helping people start a business and incorporate a company. NextAdvisor noted this, saying, “CorpNet does one thing, but it does it well. If you are looking to form a company, CorpNet can provide you all the details, forms and guidance you need…If you are looking for anything beyond forming a business or registering a trademark, CorpNet is not the place to look.” I’m happy with this feedback too – because at CorpNet, we are not trying to be all things to all people. Our company knows what we do best, and we serve a special niche in the market. Many businesses struggle when they try to do too much. Just as we wrote in this article about the restaurant industry, many restaurants struggle when they have too many items on the menu.
  • There are still ways that we can improve: The NextAdvisor Review was not 100% perfect – they made a few suggestions of how we could improve our website and make it easier to contact Customer Service. I welcome this kind of constructive criticism as well. Anytime a customer wants to tell you how to improve your business, you should listen to them. Not every customer is right about everything, and not every customer is right for your business, but in general, business owners should seek out and welcome any kind of customer feedback, good or bad. Talking to customers and hearing their honest opinions is the only way to keep your business moving forward.

Many thanks to NextAdvisor for including a review of CorpNet on your site. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you as a “secret shopper” of our business incorporation services!

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