Make Things HappenWhen I look around, online and in person, I see so many entrepreneurs that really spark inspiration for me. Whether it’s something they’ve said, the way they brand themselves, or other contributions they’ve made, here are a few that I wanted to share with you.

Jack Nadel

I want to be Jack Nadel! He founded Jack Nadel International, a promotional merchandise company, in 1953, and has nearly 7 decades of being a successful entrepreneur under his belt. In addition to being involved with his company, he also speaks at events, writes for Huffington Post, and runs The Nadel Foundation. He’s the total package, and that’s inspiring.

Here’s a quote I like from Jack about the importance of starting on your entrepreneurial path early:

The advantage of starting early is that we allow ourselves time to grow into entrepreneurship. When the right opportunities come along, we will see them and act with confidence.

Lori Greiner

I’m a big fan of the show Shark Tank, as you’ll see in reading this post. Lori Greiner, known as the Warm Blooded Shark®, really stands out on the show — not just because she’s a woman — because she’s such an ideas gal. She’s an inventor, and has 120 patents under her belt.

She says she can quickly tell whether a product idea is a zero or a hero:

It needs to incorporate all these three things:

  • Does it solve a problem?
  • Can you sell it at a reasonable price?
  • Is it appealing to the mass market?

If you can answer these three questions right away with a resounding “YES,” then your idea may be a hero.

Robert Herjavec

What I love about Robert is that despite being recognized as a top business leader (primarily due to his appearance on Shark Tank), he’s also very public about his passions. He doesn’t feel the need to hide his love of racing, and in fact, touts his participation in the Ferrari Challenge North America Series. It’s part of his story. And we all love stories, don’t we?

Also, he learned a lot about hard work from his immigrant parents, which is something I can relate to.

He’s a realist about how difficult it is to start a business:

The reason so few companies and people make it: It’s not easy.

Be honest with yourself. What price are you willing to pay to make the business work and be successful? Would you sacrifice your time, your family, your friends, your golf game, your entire social life? I am not advocating that you should, but you have to ask yourself if you are prepared to.

Richard Branson

You can’t help but like this guy; despite being at the helm of over 400 companies, Richard is surprisingly approachable in the media. He’s harnessed the power of content and social media and has become an icon. Heck, he was even knighted in 2000!

Richard is a big believer in fun corporate culture, and it’s something he’s been successful at maintaining, even as Virgin Group grows.

As Virgin grew, our “serious fun” approach became a driving force for our enterprise. We took our passion for our work and our idea that we could upend “business as usual” to change things for the better and applied them to creating better banks, trains, telecoms and airliners, plus a multitude of other diverse ventures around the world.

I love learning from other entrepreneurs, as their passion rubs off on me. What entrepreneurs do you find inspiring?

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