The other day I was on the phone with a CorpNet customer who called to place an order to form an LLC and ordered one of our Complete LLC packages. As I was placing the order, I asked our customer how he found out about CorpNet, and he said he did a Google search and found CorpNet listed as an option along with several of our competitors. I asked him why he chose to go with to assist him with forming an LLC, instead of the other companies on the market.  His response:

“Well, your process to incorporate a business or form an LLC seemed really competitive, but the deciding factor for me was when I checked your reviews on the Better Business Bureau website,” he said. “CorpNet had over 40 reviews with all 5 stars, and nothing negative – there was not one negative review about your company. And that’s why I decided to start a business with CorpNet.”

After I submitted the order for processing the customer’s business filings, he said that he was so pleased with CorpNet’s business incorporation service that he is going to be the 47th person to give us a 5-star review on the Better Business Bureau site.

This was one of those great stories that remind me of why I love helping entrepreneurs start a business, and why the CorpNet team is so passionate about our services to help companies incorporate. In the age of social media, it’s truer than ever before that people are talking about your business. The difference today is that everyone can see what people are saying about your business. Do you like what your customers are saying about you?

Here are a few tips to help your business get better customer reviews online:

  • Deliver remarkable service. Here at CorpNet, our business is service – we pride ourselves on offering 100% accurate business filings with a money-back guarantee. (We’ve never had to give any customers their money back, but if in the unfortunate event that it ever happens and someone isn’t satisfied, we’ll give them a refund.) How can your business raise the bar on delivering remarkable customer service? What can you do faster, simpler, better, with more personality, more flair, and more panache than any of your competitors?
  • Show customers the specific value that you create. Every time you deliver great customer service, look for ways to show your customers the value that they’re getting – whether it’s explaining your company’s product benefits or outlining your company’s work process, pointing out how much money or how much time they’re saving, or explaining what makes the experience unique when they choose to buy from you. Customers will get a better understanding of what they’re buying, and will have a better appreciation for what you deliver for them.
  • Ask your customers to give you feedback. Many customers are often hesitant to go online and deliver feedback – even if they’ve had a great experience. (There’s that old saying, that when people have a good experience, they tell 1 person, and when they have a bad experience they tell 10 people.) So be proactive and ask them for feedback. Include a link or an e-mail address where people can offer reviews and feedback. Direct people to comment on Facebook or mention your company on Twitter. Tell them, “Did you enjoy your experience working with us? We’d love to have you share your thoughts with others…can you take a few minutes and fill out this online survey?” Give prizes, discounts or have special sweepstakes drawings to reward customers for taking the time to share their feedback.
  • Listen to what people are saying – and adjust. Every bit of customer feedback – positive or negative, ecstatic or angry – helps your business. Even when people complain, they are ultimately helping your business to get better by pointing out your areas where you need to improve. Every customer complaint is a gift, because it gives you a chance to fix something before it leads to bigger complaints and bigger problems. (Note: “Complaint” does not equal “angry, unreasonable verbal abuse.” The customer is not always right, and some customers are just angry jerks – but most customers who complain are reasonably, sincerely trying to help you, not harm your business.)

Often the best small business marketing tool is to draw upon your existing history of positive customer experiences. Every customer who has bought from you before – and enjoyed the experience – can drive additional business to you. You just need to give customers a reason to spread the word, and make it easy for them to do so.