Home office with green walls and white shelvesIf you work from home, your office is where you spend the bulk of your time, so it should be a place you’re content. And since you’re the boss, you’re not limited to fluorescent lights, sickly plants, and motivational posters from the 1980s for your decor.

Your home office should inspire you. It should be a place you’re happy to go to each day, where you feel relatively relaxed (until you look at that pile of papers on your desk). Here are 4 reasons you should invest in decor that makes you happy as an entrepreneur.

Your Environment Directly Affects Your Productivity and Happiness

If you’ve ever felt stressed when your office was a mess, you weren’t crazy; there’s a correlation between clutter and your ability to process information. A clean office is an office where productivity happens.

But it’s not just about managing the mess. The colors you have in your office can create certain emotions that affect how you work—and you can bet boring gray does nothing for you!

There Have Never Been More Stylish Options

Up until recently, office supplies were pretty standard. You could get a manila folder in three colors: plain, plain, or plain. But office supply folks wised up to the fact that we want to express our individuality with our office supplies, so now you can get something as decorative as these colorful calendars from Quill or an artistic mouse.

A Beautiful Office Can Make You More Confident as a Business Owner

Compare two scenarios: in one, you work out of your closet, with winter coats dangling over your laptop, which is precariously sitting on a stool that serves as a desk. In the second, you clear out that closet, put up some fairy lights, paint the walls, and add your kids’ artwork. Which one do you think would make you feel more like a “real” business owner?

Simply taking yourself more seriously and investing a little time, money, and energy into creating a pleasant home office space can boost your confidence and help you succeed.

Form Can Have Function

Decorating your office isn’t just about adding bobbleheads and lava lamps to your space (and maybe it shouldn’t be about that at all!). It’s about creating a functional space that is, at the same time, appealing.

So rather than using broken plastic bins to store items in, invest in some matching storage boxes with an appealing design, or paint that thrift store file cabinet a color that makes you happy.

Remember: you’re in charge. Your home office should reflect your personality and be an inviting space where you can work happy and productively—every day.

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