I’ve got four kids, all of whom I raised while also launching and growing two different businesses. I know the challenges of having a newborn and/or toddlers in the house when you’re trying to grow a business. It’s a tremendous amount of pressure.

But then again, if you didn’t like pressure and stress, you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur in the first place!

Look, I survived those difficult years, and you will too. Here’s some advice to help you on your way.

Getting Help Does Not Invalidate Your Mom of the Year Award

I know mompreneurs who feel like the only way they can prove what a great mom and business owner they are is by juggling the two roles simultaneously. Unfortunately, one always suffers. Sure, a newborn will sleep much of the time and give you the opportunity to get a little work done, but what happens when you need to take an important business call and she wakes up squalling?

Hiring a sitter for a few hours a week or putting your baby in child care does not make you a bad mother. It will, in fact, make your life easier because you’ll have breathing room to realign yourself, focus on work 100%, and then be happy to see your bundle of joy when your work day is over.

Working from Home is Your Ticket to Success

If you plan to start a home based business, you’ll find it so much easier to juggle parenthood and entrepreneurship. Not only do you save time not commuting to work, but if you need a cat nap (seeing as how you slept zero hours last night) you don’t have to do it publicly in your office. And no one will judge that spitup on your shirt. Just change if you have a video call.

Cutting Back on Work Hours? Your Clients will Forgive You

I know you like to feel like your clients will die if you’re not available 24/7, but trust me: they’ll survive. This is a key time for you to bond with your baby, and there’s no client in the world that’s worth giving up even an instant of that time you have together.

As long as you give a heads up that you’ll be out a few weeks or that you’re cutting down on your hours for the first several weeks, your clients should be fine with it. Just take care of what you can before the baby comes so they’re happy with your work.

You Actually Don’t Have to Do Everything in Your Business

If you’re a solopreneur, sure, you might be responsible for everything. But now’s a great time to hire help for your marketing, accounting, or anything else you don’t love doing.

If you plan to start a family business, divide and conquer the tasks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Pick tasks you can easily handle while dealing with being a new parent.

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