Employees Looking at LaptopsYour employees are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you couldn’t move forward! And they like to hear from you that you know how important they are to your business.

While I try to let my staff know how much I appreciate them throughout the year, the holidays just provide even more opportunity to do so, and in a fun way.

1. Give Them a Bonus

If your company can afford it, the end of the year is the ideal time to share with your team a little of the wealth your staff has helped generate. Even if you can’t afford much, any monetary gift can be appreciated.

You can give your sales team bonuses based on their sales numbers, or spread the joy around to your entire team. Consider setting up a scale so that the bonuses are in line with how long each employee has been with your company.

2. Send a Heartfelt Note

If a bonus isn’t in the cards this year, you can still show your appreciation through words. Take the time to write a personalized holiday card to each employee. Point out instances where they have gone above and beyond, and thank them for their hard work. You’d be surprised how far a few kind words can go.

3. Host a Party

What better way to celebrate your staff than with a fete where they can let their hair down and get out of the office? Whether it’s a potluck in the breakroom or a gathering at your favorite wine bar, springing for a celebration this time of year is an excellent way to honor how hard your team has worked the past 12 months.

4. Give Other Gifts

Even the smallest business with the smallest budget still has something it can offer its employees. Think outside of financial compensation. You could offer each employee an extra vacation day, or a month of “Casual Fridays” every day. You could subscribe to a fruit delivery service to encourage your staff to eat well. There are myriad ways you can show your appreciation without spending much money at all.

Carry this note of appreciation throughout the year. Find a reason to pat a staffer on the back, and when someone really shines, be the first one to take notice. Not only will you make your employees feel recognized, but you’ll also make them want to stay with your company longer.