This time of year, the Christmas wish lists I pay attention to are the ones my four kids write. It’s a steady stream of shopping in our house! But sometimes money (or Santa) can’t bring everything you need. If I were to make a wish list of my own for CorpNet — both for our team and for our clients — here’s what would be on it.

1. Clones of Each of My Employees

Phil and I are extremely lucky to have such amazing employees. Most have been with us since we first launched, and those we’ve hired along the way have become as passionate about helping business owners as we are. Rather than ever hire more staff, I’d rather just clone the ones we’ve got!

2. The Ability to Help Unlimited Entrepreneurs

If I could, I’d work around the clock to help new business owners form an LLC or incorporate. I’m just that passionate about small business! Part of helping more entrepreneurs is educating more of them on the importance of having a business structure that protects you, and I continue to make it my mission to provide that education in our content.

3. The Latest Technology for All

As any small business owner knows, it’s a challenge to always have top-of-the-line computers and equipment. If I could provide them to my staff, I would. Heck, I’d even throw in free tablets and phones, if the sky’s the limit on my wish list!

4. To Wrap Up and Protect My Clients

As you know if you’ve read this blog for a while, I’m big on the protection factor that an LLC or corporation provides. It’s sad but true: many of our clients come to us for a new business structure once they’ve had their personal assets taken or their businesses threatened. I consider a business structure like insurance: you get it hoping you’ll never need it.

5. For 2016 to Be the Best Year Ever

This wish is for my employees and my clients: may next year be your most successful and happiest year ever. Starting a business has its challenges, but you do get over those humps and growing pains, so I’m wishing the best for everyone I know.

Happy holidays to everyone from all of us at CorpNet!