In January, I provided a 12-month calendar to help you improve your marketing. This month’s focus is: improve a skill. Marketing is a must-have skill that you use in every facet of building your business. From writing your business plan to customer service, you are continuously honing your marketing proficiency. By doing it yourself, you build your skills, and in order to develop this know-how, you must dedicate yourself to learning.

If you can use word processing software and know your way around a keyboard, you can polish these DIY skills to boost your brand from this moment forward.

1. Deploy Basic SEO Strategies to Improve Your Ranking

Search engines are the faster and easier way to sift through the giant piles of available information. Keywords are highly relevant, industry specific words that increase your non-paid search engine results. Embrace the principle of using appropriate keywords in a natural manner in your posts and updates, but avoid artificially inserting them into your text as in this case, more is not better.

2. Extend Your Social Media Management Proficiency

There are a million ways to use social media to improve your marketing efforts. If you have attempted a social media strategy, but haven’t kept it up, now is the time to work it into your day-to-day efforts. If you have made that inroad, find another one to tackle. Do you use social media management software to make your posting schedule easier? Have you discovered optimal posting times? Are you building your audience by delivering engaging content? Because social media is such a flexible tool in your arsenal, there are countless ways you can develop your understanding and use of it.

3. Engage Your Customers Through Informational Blogging

You may think that writing is not your strength, so why blog? But writing is a skill that you can develop, and when you write about your business on your blog, you can reap both SEO and social media benefits. Your posts don’t have to be five paragraph essays or run thousands of words long. A few interesting paragraphs about customer service goals or common challenges in your industry is all you need to get started. If you are seriously concerned about grammar or other communication challenges, a literacy coach or editor can help you improve your skills quickly, enhancing your personal and public speaking. It’s win-win-win.

4. Connect with Past and Future Clients Using Email Marketing

Email marketing using newsletters or blasts helps puts your content in front of your clients. You send out your missive and it sits in your customer’s email inbox until she is ready to take action on it. Your email communications can alert your audience to sales, opportunities in your industry, information that affects their interests, or even lifestyle tips that connect with your product. Think of them as an opportunity to remind your customers about your products or services in a friendly and informative way. Good subject titles will generate higher click throughs, so put on your writer’s cap.

5. Compose Case Studies to Illustrate Your Company’s Capacity

Just as reviews help you choose a new restaurant or select a new piece of clothing, case studies demonstrate to potential clients what your company can do for them. Case studies and customer testimonials are great opportunities to reach out to existing clients and ask them what you do well and where you need improvement. Compile this information to create a comprehensive disclosure that puts the benefits of working with you on exhibit.

Continuous improvement leads to deliberate growth. It is easy to rest on your laurels and avoid pushing yourself, but if you choose at least one of these DIY approaches and work to integrate it into your daily or weekly marketing efforts, you will see an improvement in your marketing proficiency.

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