Social Media Images on TabletIn my line of business, I read a ton of content online about marketing. But you probably don’t. So let me share five of what are, in my mind, the best places to get fresh content marketing and social media ideas for small business.

1. Social Media Examiner

Not only does this blog offer great listicles of the latest and greatest tools in social media, but it also puts out some great research and reports (and they’re free). If you’re wondering what’s happening in social media, check out their annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

2. Mashable

Over the last few years, Mashable has slanted a bit more toward entertainment and pop culture, but its Social Media section remains a great place for how-to tutorials on using every social channel successfully. If you’re hands-on and like following instruction, you’ll get a lot out of it.

3. MarketingProfs

Blog articles are only part of the equation here. This site is big on education, so training, events, and videos are a big component of their offerings. Whether you’re looking to start using webinars or grow your reach globally, there are resources to help.

4. CopyBlogger

I’m starting to see a trend in this list. I started reading CopyBlogger’s blog about 8 years ago, when it was the primary site. Now it’s enhanced with ebooks (many of them free, and fantastic reads), seminars, webinars, and forums. If you’re just starting to write your own web content or blog posts, spend a few hours digging around the site.

5. HubSpot

It’s not often that I read a private company’s blog, but HubSpot’s is so good, I’m far from the only one reading it. In addition to having six different blogs (all with different audiences), the site also offers some of the best research and whitepapers in the industry. And they’re free. Don’t worry about them trying to sell their products to you. They won’t. And the emails you get when you sign up for ebooks will be beneficial, I guarantee.

What are You Reading?

There are plenty of other great marketing blogs out there, like KISSmetrics, Firepole Marketing, and MOZ. There are blogs on every imaginable marketing topic, from SEO to content to blogging to social. But I want to know: what do you read? What blogs would you recommend to our readers?