285_2917838Despite what you might think, marketing does not have to be a time vampire. Sure, I live and breathe marketing, but I’ve honed my craft to take minimal time and be as easy as possible. Here, I pass on five hints to help you get more done with your own marketing in less time.

1. Do It Ahead of Time

This is probably my biggest time saver. I use smart tools like Hootsuite to write and schedule my social media updates ahead of time, and WordPress to schedule posts on a regular cadence. That way, if I’m out of the office, I don’t have to stress about getting it done in real time.

2. Keep a List of Blog Ideas

Creativity doesn’t always strike when I want it to, so I keep a spreadsheet for each client, and when I think of a possible topic for a blog post, I record it there. Then, when I sit down to write, I have plenty of fodder for my content. This is also great for me to keep track of links or ideas that my clients send.

3. Keep Laser Focus on Social

I know how easy it is to get sucked into a cute kitten video vortex when logging onto Facebook. But I do my best to limit the time I spend browsing personal updates when on the clock. I save the good stuff for after hours and just get in, write my updates, and get out.

4. Subscribe to Blogs

I find other blogs a great source of inspiration for my own content, but I don’t have time to browse them all each day. So I subscribe via email to the ones I really want to keep up with. Then I’ve got an email of content to check out when I have time.

5. Connect Social Updates to Blog Posts

I just got this idea from a client. Now, whenever I write a blog post for that client, I include a list of social updates that anyone can copy and paste into Twitter or wherever that pertain to the post I just wrote. Once it’s published, a VA adds the link and schedules the updates. Bam. More views for your content.

I’d love to hear your marketing tips. What tricks do you use to cut down on the time you spend marketing?