Heart GraphicThe start of 2013 has brought a whole new crop of women who want to follow their passion and start their own businesses to my virtual door.  I love the excitement and energy behind each and every one of them.  Mostly because it is filled with heart.  There is nothing but pure, unadulterated passion behind their motives.  This is more than likely behind both men and women who are ready to jumpstart their lives with a new business venture.

For me this holds special significance because just a few short years ago, that was me.  Eager as a kid on Christmas morning to start my new adventure, I jumped right in….Perhaps, you remember me saying a while back that I made mistakes?  I did.  A made a few big ones and even more little ones.

I am glad that I survived to be able to share my mistakes for you to learn from.  I would say that while I firmly believe passion is of the ultimate importance to the process of the starting a business, it is difficult not to get carried away with it.  Which is what happened to me.  I got so wrapped up in my ideas and trying to actualize each and everyone perfectly, that I forgot why I wanted a business in the first place.

Following your heart, growing an idea, taking a hobby to the next level, or building a small business is a sure-fire way to get fired up.  Nothing is going to get your heart to pitter-patter like that.

With all this being said, doing the above also requires diligence.  Just like it takes time for romance to bud or a tree to plant roots outside, a business takes time to take root also.  While a business is being firmly planted, it must be well-cared for and tended to as in matters of the heart.  Sometimes, we veer a little off this path.  Getting back to the heart of your business is the best way to get back on track.

These 5 Steps to Getting Back to the Heart of Your Business will help clear the way:

  1. Fall in Love with Your Business Plan (all over again).  When you first started your business, you more than likely wrote an outline or sketched a plan for what you wanted to do.  Visit that plan.  Read your original goals and re-invigorate yourself with your original enthusiasm.  That plan is fluid, can change, and is subject to being changed.  Taking a look at your plan will not only help you capture your passion, but will allow you to make changes, re-focus on what is working, and make necessary addendums.
  2. Remember your Name with Hearts and Flowers.  If there is one thing that makes my heart jump, it’s reminiscing about the evening that I came up with my business and product’s names.  When something comes together in such a moment of clarity, there is nothing more passionate.  Take a moment to remember your early affair with your business in deciding a name.  Was it something that came to you in a napkin moment or did it take hours, days, or months?  Just a little glimpse of the early days of love is likely to stoke your fire again.
  3. Make Sure to Protect Yourself and Those You Love.  In the glancing at the early days of your business affair, did you remember not leave yourself open to personal liability?  Your business is getting bigger and while you think about expanding, incorporating is probably the easiest step to do in the process if you have the right person to help.  I tried once on my own and failed.  That is when I discovered CorpNet, who now has this incredible app to help you discern what time of incorporation you should choose.  Where was The Business Wizard a few years ago?  The Wizard will also help you further take a look at what type of business is going to work best for you.
  4. Get Away with a Change of Scenery.  Where do you usually work?  Home office?  Do you rent a space?  The local coffee shop?  Maybe it is time for a change?  Think about where you worked best in the beginning.  Possibly that is changed?  Your responsibilities may have shifted and you need a new scene to feed your soul.
  5. Get Some Action.  Do not get stuck in planning.  As small business people, we are dreamers and planners.  It is so easy to get stuck on making the best idea or plan even better.  Don’t get caught up in being in love with planning and then not doing anything.  Once you feel your heart pumping again, get right back to it.

Starting a business can be such a romantic notion, and there is nothing like the true love of owning your own something.  That is why I started this love affair of mine, but just like any relationship, it takes work and sometimes, remembering why we started in the first place.