Man Holding @ SignAs social media marketing has grown in popularity, marketers have gradually lost focus on one of the best ways to reach customers on a one-on-one basis. Email marketing is still extremely relevant, however, offering brands an opportunity to connect with customers using coupons and special offers. Data analytics has made it possible for brands to be more effective than ever in their efforts, learning what works and what doesn’t in order to craft more successful campaigns.

But technology has only made the email marketing landscape more competitive. To truly improve click-through rates and increase conversions, brands have to be proactive. Here are five strategies that can help your email marketing campaigns succeed.


If your idea of personalizing an email is popping the person’s name in the greeting, you’re way off. Tech tools like MailChimp allow businesses to integrate with Salesforce, which means communications can be segmented. As these types of tools become more advanced, businesses that aren’t using them will struggle to remain competitive.


With analytics, you can gain valuable insight into exactly what customers are doing once your email arrives in their inboxes. This information can help you determine the right time of day to send your email, which subject lines result in opens, and how many customers are clicking the links embedded in your emails. You should be using the analytics tools available to you to constantly tweak your campaigns.

Follow Up

When a sales team speaks to a lead by phone, that team will often continue to follow up long after the initial contact. Businesses should take the same approach with their customers, following up by email on those who have been inactive. This can include inactive customers who once signed up for a service or formerly loyal customers who see to have disappeared. Through email, you can invite those customers to return by sending a personalized offer.

Social Sharing

Your emails provide the perfect opportunity to build your social media following. Include social media sharing buttons on each email you send to make it easy for your customers to tell their friends about your business. Even if only one or two customers take you up on it, it will be worth it for the small amount of effort it takes.


Retargeting is integral to all of your marketing efforts, including email. There are several tools now available to allow businesses of all sizes to implement large-scale retargeting campaigns. These tools will let you gather information on customer activity on your website, then send customized emails to them in the days following. For instance, a local landscaping company can retarget website visitors with special offers based specifically on the interest those visitors show in certain products and services on its site.

When businesses find ways to improve their email marketing campaigns, everyone benefits. Businesses make more sales because their email messages are more effective and customers benefit by receiving emails designed to appeal specifically to them. Through these strategies you’ll find your click-through rates, sales, and lead collection efforts improve dramatically.