writer at deskNot everyone writes for a living the way I do. But there are still ways you can improve your writing and attract more readers to your business’ blog. Ready to hear them? Grab a pen, because you’ll want to take notes!

1. Read Other Blogs

The more you read (really, this includes magazines, books, newspapers…anything), the better a sense you get for good writing and bad. You can try out different styles you’ve seen on blogs and see how your audience responds. Just like with any craft, the more you engage with it, the better you’ll be at it.

2. Practice

You don’t have to limit your writing to just your blog. Keep a journal and write about your day. Write a poem or short story. Just getting out of your normal mindset and doing something creative can help boost your confidence and your skills. The end result? Your blog will be fabulous.

3. Get an Editor

If you know someone who lives for finding typos in books (that’s me!), ask this person to critique your work and provide feedback to help you write better. You might find out your weakness is punctuation or using cliches. Whatever this person points out, accept with an open mind. Criticism can be hard to stomach, but if it helps you be a better writer, embrace it and learn from it.

4. Write Shorter Posts

Sometimes the idea of sitting down and writing a 600-word post is more than you can take. If that’s the case, aim for shorter posts. There’s no word minimum for a blog post; just focus on the value it delivers. If you want to make a company announcement in just a paragraph, go for it! It might take the pressure off of you to write longer posts, and then you’ll want to write more.

5. Block Off Time to Write

This doesn’t work for everyone, but I like to sit down and write, write, write. I’ll write all the content for one client for a month in one sitting (I’m a fast writer!). To me, I’m in that mindset, thinking about a given topic or audience, so it’s easier to keep writing rather than just write one post at a time. Block off a few hours and see what you can accomplish.

Writing is about confidence. If you believe you’re a terrible writer, your blog posts won’t shine. But if you know that you’re capable of writing content that people want to read, you’ll attract more blog readers, which will in turn help you grow your business!