Perhaps you’re eager to take your business to the next level, but feel like there are obstacles preventing you from growing your business. If you’re not aware of what they are, it can be difficult to remove them.

Six Barriers that Keep Small Business Owners from Forging Ahead

1. You Trust No One as Much as You Trust Yourself

You’re overworked because you do everything in your business. And you do it all because you don’t trust anyone else to do it as well as you could do. While that’s probably true for a few of your responsibilities, delegating other tasks can take a huge load off. Choose the areas you’re weak in (maybe marketing or design) and hire someone else who’s more qualified (and faster) at handling them.

2. You Lack Direction

Maybe you don’t even know what growth looks like for your business. If you’re a solopreneur, growth might be hiring your first employee, freeing you up to take on more clients. Or perhaps growth means expanding into new markets or offering more products or services. It’s important here to define success and growth for your business and pick one direction to start in. Develop a solid strategy that you can follow to chart your development.

3. You’re Not Marketing

Chalk it up to not having time or not knowing what to do, but if you skip marketing your business, you won’t see an increase in customers. Marketing is essential to a company that wants to get bigger. So either teach yourself how to market your business online or hire someone to help.

4. You’re Hanging Out in the Wrong Crowd

If you attend conferences that center around your industry or participate in a LinkedIn group that caters to professionals that do what you do, you’re selling yourself short. While it can be beneficial to learn from others in your field, you won’t find customers here. Instead, start attending events that attract your ideal customer and start building relationships there.

5. You’re Not Growing Professionally

No matter how much of an expert you are in your field, there is always room to grow. Technology constantly changes your industry, and new tactics and trends can always give you a competitive edge. So build in time for learning. Attend webinars. Read blog posts and books. Be open to continually learning.

6. You Waste a Lot of Time on Repeatable Processes

Whether it’s sending new customers a welcome email, updating your social stream, or sending invoices, there are certain rote tasks that you could reduce your time on by automating. Leverage software that can do the work on your behalf, and free yourself up to work on other areas of your business.

Every business, no matter the size, has the potential for growth. It’s just a matter of identifying the obstacles, clearing them out, and moving forward.