During this time of transition from one calendar year to another, you may want to look back at the passing year and evaluate what worked well for you and what didn’t. As you look ahead to what 2015 brings, you have an opportunity to further polish your marketing efforts if you set clear and measurable goals for your marketing plan for 2015. Here are six areas of focus that will help strengthen your marketing impact this year.

 Create cohesion

You may often feel pressure to jump on the latest trends and join the newest social media websites…and as a result you probably have some profiles out there languishing on unused platforms. You definitely want to make sure that your information online is unified, so this isn’t a call to delete unused profiles, but rather a reminder that all of your marketing efforts need to be coherent and cohesive. Respect your marketing plan by ensuring that your marketing efforts support the big picture in a quantifiable manner (and maybe narrow down the number of social sites you use).

 Communicate visually

Images, infographics, and video all have proven to engage audiences more irresistibly, so make a conscious effort to use them effectively in your posts. Use images with your status updates or even photo albums when appropriate. If you set a goal to use one image a day, you can measure how those posts do compared to posts without an image or a video. Your audience will tell you if they like you communicating visually or not.

 Develop and commit to your email newsletter

The old adage states that it is more expensive to get a new customer than keep an old one, so if you’ve managed to build up a list of customers, what are you doing to keep them around? One of the most cost-effective ways to remain useful to old customers and persuade potential customers is a thoughtful and carefully curated email newsletter. There are differing opinions on how often you need to publish, but quality has substantial value over quantity. Another way to make sure that your newsletter is welcome is to include a special coupon or discount to thank those who take the time to read.

 Use a social media scheduler

While you want to create posts that engage and influence, a social media scheduler will help you post throughout the day or week at times when you may not be available to DIY. As social media growth levels off, what you post becomes more important than the fact that you have a post. A social media scheduler helps you focus on creating and curating content.

 Refresh your website

Social media is here to stay for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean your website should go the way of the dodo. As more and more consumers use mobile phones to get information on the go, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile (there are additional advantages for this important requirement). If you have already completed that task, take a moment to ensure that your website also adheres to Google’s latest requirements for security. In addition, double-check that all your social media accounts connect to your website. If you overlook these important particulars, you can create problems for your audience.

Improve over last year

As an entrepreneur, you may feel pressure to set tremendous goals for yourself; if you set high goals for yourself year after year and make progress toward attaining them, that is fabulous. However, if your website had 100,000 unique views last year and you set a new goal of 500,000, how can you attain your goal in a sustainable manner? A successful viral campaign could help you meet those goals, but how many of those viewers will return time and again? Continuous improvement will help you attain goals in a manner that ensures continued success. Take a writing class, a cooking class, or a more business-oriented class at a local college or even a MOOC. Try something new that has always called to you. Look for new areas in which to grow. Organic growth enriches your life and lives of those closest to you and enrichment brings inspiration that informs your business.