Social Media IllustrationTwitter has been amazing for me and you could say the opportunities I have gained from it have changed my life. When I first used it over 4 years ago I had just started blogging too so I was getting my blogs out there on Twitter. My writing was picked up by Niall Devitt and he invited me to join a business blogging site he was just setting up – Tweak Your Biz (formerly Bloggertone). Three years later and I am the Managing Editor of the site which now gets over 100,000 unique views a month. Amazing exposure for the bloggers on the site which still includes me.

I am reaching 100,000 tweets – I know, I tweet a lot. Actually, I don’t tweet as much these days as when I first used it. I would still use it for chatting sometimes but not as much; I am mainly sharing business articles and information that I find useful.

Over a year ago I was asked to be a moderator on our sister site, Bizsugar, which led to me interviewing Nellie Akalp of Corpnet and I’m now writing blogs for this site too. All from sharing my original blogs 4 years ago on Twitter.

I know that many businesses are able to record their ROI so I thought I would share some of those with you plus some success stories from small businesses to show it can be done by anyone.

Naked Pizza

Naked Pizza is a New Orleans pizza takeout and delivery restaurant that is making fast food healthier. The company started using Twitter in 2009 and its first promotion on Twitter resulted in an increase of 15% in sales – 90% of which were new customers. Their next Twitter promotion set a store record with 68.6% of the total sales coming from Twitter. They have adapted Twitter into all their marketing – even on the billboard in front of the restaurant suggesting you follow them on Twitter to see the house specials. A great example of a company doing well on Twitter – you can read more of the story here.


RingCentral is a cloud telephony company and they wanted to increase awareness of their product amongst potential business customers. To do this they used promoted tweets, not outrightly selling their product but including business tips and links to drive traffic to their blog. They saw a 92% increase in daily mentions of their brand and a huge increase of 259% in monthly social referrals making Twitter their no.1 referral site. You can read more about it on the Twitter business site.

LG Electronics

LG Electronics wanted to promote a new phone to a younger generation, and it decided to use a fun, interactive event to do this.  The brand decided on a Treasure Hunt. The “treasure” was tickets to a One Direction concert. To spread the word the company used Promoted Trends with the hashtag #LGTicketHunter as it was exclusive to Twitter – the hashtag drove tweeters to a dynamic map of the UK. Every time someone sent a tweet with the #LGTicketHunter hashtag, the map would zoom in, gradually revealing the secret location of the @LGTicketHunter street team. The first person to arrive at the street team’s location won the tickets. The brand received 5000 tweets per hour within the first few hours. In total it had 50,000 hashtag mentions and a 38% engagement rate. You can read more about it here.

How Real People Are Benefiting from Twitter

I asked some of my business colleagues what positive experiences they’d had from Twitter. Here’s what they had to say.

Marie Ennis O’Connor, a PR professional: “Twitter has been amazing for making new connections and networking. Through Twitter I have been invited to speak in Paris next June at the Doctors 2.0 conference, an international healthcare social media event. I think Twitter is just incredible – without it I wouldn’t have come to the attention of the organizers of this conference!”

Christina Giliberti of The Ahain Group: “We managed to connect with the most outstanding foodies via one Twitter account in less than an hour. The reach of Twitter by itself is unreal, but if you factor in the tiny time period, then it’s just incredible.”

Elli St George-Godfrey,  a business coach with Ability Success Growth: “A watershed moment for me on Twitter was when I met someone who had a profound effect on me as a mentor and now he is a dear friend as well.”

Fellow CorpNet writer Howard Greenstein: “I was invited to a very swanky high roller suite after a conference by someone who enjoyed my tweets from a conference session. It was a great networking event I never would have known about had I not shared information that day.”

So are you convinced with the power of Twitter yet? Maybe you have a Twitter success story you’d like to share – we’d love to hear about it.