I forget that the rest of the world isn’t as enamored with content marketing the way I and other marketing professionals are, or that it’s a challenge for others to come up with content and share it with their networks. So let me share some of my secret tips for maximizing my content marketing with you.

1. Automate Your Blog Post Shares

Sure, you could go to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+ every time a new post goes live on your blog and share it, but why would you make extra work for yourself? Instead, try Twitterfeed: once you set up your social accounts there, all your blog posts will automagically be published without you lifting a finger.

2. Crowdsource Blog Posts

When you’re stuck on what to write about for your blog, come up with a question and ping your network to answer it for you. I recently wrote a post about lessons learned from books, and I got my contacts to basically write the post for me. Genius.

3. Reuse Your Content

Once you write a blog post, it’s got more lives than a cat. Paste 3/4ths of it into your next email newsletter, then link to your blog to drive traffic there. Break up a Top 10 post into 10 different tweets, and link back to the post. Expand it into a longer ebook or whitepaper.

4. Get Help Writing

You’re busy, so I’m willing to bet you won’t be interested in writing 3 posts a week for your blog, nor do you have the time. Recruit others on your team or outsource the work so you have a steady stream of content for your readers.

5. Accept Guest Posts

As long as the posts you accept from other writers is well-written, relevant to your audience, and includes links relevant to your own content and industry, guest posts can add new flavor to your content and introduce more voices.

6. Pay Attention to What Your Readers Like

A quick look at your analytics dashboard will tell you which of your blog posts are getting the most reads. Play to that and write more posts in that same vein to attract even more readers.

7. Look at Your Competitors’ Blogs

There’s no shame in seeing what your competitors are up to. You can get ideas for your own content (just take the topic and make it your own) and even find topics they’re lacking in that you can cover.

8. Guest Post on Other Blogs

You can also expand your brand’s reach by contributing to other blogs, either on a regular basis or as one-offs. CorpNet’s CEO, Nellie Akalp, does a fantastic job of this, and her work can be found on everything from Mashable to Mogul Mom. You can bet she’s picked up a few customers as a result.

Content marketing is easier with these shortcuts, so take advantage of them!