It’s 9 PM, nearing the end of a busy day – one that didn’t go quite as I’d planned. With two deadlines looming, I was supposed to be at the computer all day, writing. Well, a sick four-year-old had different plans for me.

Instead, my day included an hour’s commute to the doctors for my sick daughter. I figured I could write there as well as anywhere in the waiting room. Of course, I spent lots of time just sitting with my little girl and in the doctors office waiting. I was so glad that she felt better when we left – but I kept eyeing the computer, itching to get some work done.

I did manage to sneak in some writing time, but kept worrying that I was falling behind. And, since I work with a partner, I felt that I was letting her down as well. Overall, I think I felt a bit taken for granted – since I work from home when I’m not in the office, I’m always on call to pitch in when the family needs help.

Well, something just kicked me in the head and made me look at this day differently. Instead of feeling put-upon and harried, I decided to look at all the things I did accomplish today, even with the revised schedule.

  • I used my commute to do some thinking, and planned a couple of articles while I drove.
  • I took care of a sick child, and she was all better after the doctors.
  • I did a Dr. Seuss jigsaw puzzle, played fairies, made lunch.
  • I talked with my partner about our current projects.
  • I revised two articles I’d written earlier, and edited four written by my partner.
  • I researched a piece that I’m writing tomorrow.
  • I made a pretty good dinner.

And my writing partner? Well, she’s got two kids in college, her husband travels nearly every week on business, she’s running her household and managing her end of our business – and she’s been sick all week. She’s my hero.

My point is, it’s hard for women sometimes. We feel responsible for an awful lot, whether we’re made to feel that way by others or simply do it to ourselves. But somehow, we manage to get done what needs to be done.

I think that’s why women are so well suited for entrepreneurship. We have the right mindset to multitask, because it’s what we do naturally. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what business to take on, but once that decision’s made, we get the job done.

If you’d love to have your own business, think about your skills and interests. Have you worked at a job in the past that taught you some great skills? Those years spent at a keyboard might turn into a nice transcription business. The beautiful photos you take of your kids? How about freelance photography? Your natural editing ability might win you some freelance work.

And somehow, everything really does get done. It’s like the old saying that the busier you are, the more you accomplish. I’ve found it to be true. Give me an unstructured day with no plans, and I won’t get a thing done. Give me a day like today, and I can look back at the end of it and be pleased. Sure, I was thrown at first, but I’m calm now, because I can see the results, and they’re good.

And hey, it’s only 9:00 – that means there’s even some time left over just for me.