I’ll be honest. There’s nothing glamorous about tax law and legal fine print. And it’s pretty hard to make acronyms like the LLC, DBA or S-Corp sound exciting or sexy. Yet, these are the very things that every entrepreneur, startup, small business, or self-employed person has to face at one time or another.

I created CorpNet.com to help people get their businesses off the ground…to answer those nagging questions like “Should I Incorporate or Form an LLC?” And then to make sure they get all those legal ducks in a row without having to pay a small fortune.

And CorpNet.com is offering a lucrative affiliate income opportunity for bloggers where you can earn a 20% commission of our service fees for every referral.

Here’s How Bloggers Can Earn Great Affiliate Income

Place one of our banner ads on your blog or website, and when somebody clicks on that ad banner and makes a purchase, you will earn a 20% commission for each sale. A few other highlights of the program include:

Affiliate Program for Bloggers Highlights:

  • Cookies are set for 90 days (vs the standard 60)
  • Some phone orders may be eligible for commissions
  • Free informational content and how-to videos for your audience
  • Opportunity to earn up to 25% commission
  • Shareasale network back end for automated commission payments, online tracking, and statistics

Of course, like any affiliate or advertising program, relevancy is key. Our 20-25% commission rate might be attractive, but if your site targets beauty product reviews, it’s probably not a good fit.

However, if your audience includes individuals who might be starting, growing, or considering a business in the U.S. (whether they’re dog-walkers, crafters, franchisors, restaurant owners…), you’ll want to find out more about CorpNet.com’s affiliate program.

Learn more about the Corpnet Affiliate Program for bloggers!

Do You Have Questions About Our Affiliate Program?

We would love the opportunity to talk with you. Please feel free to contact our affiliate team with any questions about our program, how to sign up or other general questions.

You may contact us through email or via phone:

Email: affiliates@corpnet.com
Call 1-888-449-2638 (Monday – Friday 7:00AM – 5:30PM PST)