legalplanAt Corpnet, we’ve made starting a business really easy, just ask any of the several thousands of small businesses that have launched with our help over the years. However, our goal is to make sure that you business achieves all of the success that your hard work deserves and to that end we are launching a new service to make sure that running a business becomes a little easier as well.

We’ve recently partnered with the Legal Protection Plan to provide all of our customers with affordable, around the clock legal protection for their business and families. This way you can worry less about legal, regulatory and liability matters and focus more on running your business profitability. The Legal Protection Plan put’s it this way; “Work confidently, build your business, stay legal.” So how do they help?

The Legal Protection Plan offers members basic ongoing legal services from licensed business attorneys for a low annual rate of $259; that’s less than what most law firms charge per hour! If you prefer monthly access you can get that as well starting at only $21.58 a month.

Here is a list of all the benefits that are included with your membership:

  • Unlimited legal advice on new matters
  • Unlimited document reviews of 10 pages or less
  • Phone calls or letters to resolve issues on your behalf at the discretion of your assigned law firm
  • A privacy policy for your website
  • Coverage for multiple business
  • Coverage for your immediate family members
  • Free Simple Will
  • Free healthcare directives
  • Two (2) free traffic ticket defense preparations per year
  • Access to a Members Only area where you’ll find exclusive legal resources and content.

So how does it work? Once you sign up for the plan of your choice, you will be provided a username and password that you will use to access the member’s only area at the Legal Protection Plan site. Once logged in, you’ll see information related to your membership and will be able to access our online calendaring feature that allows you to set up an appointment with your assigned law firm. Choose an available time that works for you, ask your legal question in the consultation request form and your assigned attorney will call you at the appointed time. If you have documents that you would like reviewed, just upload those within the consultation request form and the attorney will review them and be prepared to answer your questions during your consultation. It’s just that easy. Also, for the busy road warrior entrepreneur, our site is mobile-ready so if you need to schedule a consult on the go, you can do so right from your smartphone or tablet device.

Business that have access to a team of professionals from which they can receive advice typically fair better. Here are some of the ways other businesses are taking advantage of their membership:

  • New business legal assessment
  • Advice for hiring and firing employees
  • Reviewing contracts and other legal documents
  • Advice on general liability and other unforeseen risk
  • Help with unpaid invoices and collections
  • Landlord tenant matters (commercial and residential)

Since your membership also includes personal matters here are some additional common uses:

  • Advice on business continuity planning for your family
  • Help with issues at your children’s school
  • Traffic tickets
  • Small claims matters
  • Immigration matters

Additionally, all of the Legal Protection Plan attorneys are licensed, in good standing with the State Bar and maintain malpractice insurance for your added protection. Consider the affordability and tremendous value you get from an annual membership, there really is no reason to go without access to legal advice for your business and family. We strongly encourage you to sign up today. If you have additional questions about this service or any other Corpnet product, feel free to call a helpful service representative at +1 (888) 892-0311.