Business Structure Wizard

We at CorpNet are thrilled to announce that we’ve launched a free online tool, the Business Structure Wizard, to help you select the right company structure for your new or existing business.
“Choosing a business structure can be a tough decision for the new business owner. They don’t know whether they should incorporate, form an LLC, or simply file a DBA (aka “doing business as filing”)  and remain as a sole proprietorship or partnership,” explained Nellie Akalp,’s Founder and CEO. “We designed the Business Structure Wizard to be a very accessible starting point for anyone who wants to start a business or change their existing business structure.”

About the Business Structure Wizard

The Business Structure Wizard guides users through a series of basic questions on their business, industry, finances, and long-term plans. The entire wizard should take approximately 5 minutes or less to complete and provides a recommended company structure based on the user’s responses.

The wizard includes the following recommended business structures based on the user’s responses: LLC (Limited Liability Company), C Corporation, S Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), and Non-Profit Corporation. Help text provides additional details and explains the significance of each question. In addition, you can find helpful resources on each business structure, and if you’d like can file and form the recommended business structure for you.
The Business Structure Wizard is part of’s central mission to help small business owners thrive in legitimizing their small business, thereby making their small business dreams into a reality. Through its blog “The Startup Starting Line” and Akalp’s Small Business Corner, the company provides valuable resources to help entrepreneurs start their business, manage it, and keep it legal.

“As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing today’s small business. We’re continually trying to think of new ways to simplify the logistics of starting a business, so entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best…creativity and growing their business,” added Akalp.

Give the Business Structure Wizard a spin and let us know how you like it!