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Closing Down a Business – The 12 Steps of Corporate Dissolution

You’re not the first owner to consider closing down a business and you certainly won’t be the last. But it is a big decision and one that should be taken lightly. Regardless of your final decision, you need to prepare yourself for the necessary steps involved in the process.

Closing down a business requires a certain process be followed. This process is just as important as the steps required to start a business.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. ~ Thomas A Edison

12 Effective Steps for Closing Down […]

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Filing an Amendment: 7 FAQs to Keep You in Compliance

This month, we answer all your thought-provoking questions about filing an amendment. July marks the middle of the year and a great time to make changes within your company!

When do I need to file an amendment?

Articles of Amendment are required if any of the information included in your incorporation or foreign qualification paperwork changes. For example:

  • Changes to the company name
  • Changes to the Registered Agent Information
  • Company Business Address
  • Director or Member Information
  • Number of Authorized Shares
  • Business Activities of the Company

Do I need to notify the state if […]

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Registering a Trademark – FAQs

Registering a trademark can feel like a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. We’d like to get you pointed in the right direction, so let’s run through some common questions we receive on trademark registrations.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design (or a combination of any of these) that identifies the source of a product or service and distinguishes it from competitors.

What can be trademarked?

Trademark registration can be granted on distinctive names, logos and slogans. You might want to seek a trademark for […]

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Nellie in the News: February 2017

What a start to 2017! January and now February have flown by and we’re looking forward to a spring filled with lots of sunshine after these rainy past few months.

We have been busy in the office on the phones daily helping you incorporate a business, form an LLC, file a DBA and more across all 50 states!

Our CEO Nellie Akalp has been busy as always sharing her expertise and knowledge across the blogosphere. Check out her articles and press mentions from February below.

Interviews & Press Mentions

Couple Money Podcast – […]

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Nellie in the News – January 2017

Another month has flown by – 2017 is off to a great start for us in the CorpNet office! Our New Year’s resolutions are still going strong. How about you? Our CEO, Nellie Akalp has been busy as always in the press letting you know the best ways to start your business and how CorpNet can help! Call us today to incorporate, Form an LLC, file a DBA or for your other business formation needs.

Here’s a recap of what was published in January!

Interviews & Press Mentions

Small Business Trends […]

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CorpNet Compliance Portal FAQs

With the holidays behind us and a bright new year ahead of us, it is a great time to start a business.  This month, we discuss the ways CorpNet’s Compliance Portal can help keep your company in compliance!

Q: What is CorpNet’s Compliance Portal?

A: Think of it as your business’ personal concierge service. Once you sign up, you’ll receive email reminders on tax and compliance alerts. You can also use it to store your business documents, and keep a personalized business profile that tracks important data about your company — such as […]

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Setting Up a Corporation – Top FAQs

Happy November! We are excited to bring you another post in our monthly FAQ series!

When starting a business, one of the first questions an entrepreneur must ask themselves is, “What entity type should I register?” Here at CorpNet, we are often asked to explain the differences between a C Corporation and an S Corporation, how to file a corporation, and even, “What is a corporation?”

In this month’s FAQ post, our CEO Nellie Akalp answers all your burning questions about setting up a corporation!

Nellie’s Top FAQs for Setting Up a Corporation

What is a […]

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Nellie in the News: October 2016

It’s hard to believe October has already come and gone! 2017 is just around the corner and we are here to help you get business-ready for the new year! CorpNet can help you incorporate a business, form an LLC, file a DBA and more across all 50 states.

This month, our CEO Nellie Akalp has been busy writing informative articles to help business owners grow and maintain their businesses.  Here are some highlights from the month of October!

Want Nellie to speak at your next event or share her tips on your podcast? […]

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