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Derek Miller is a content marketing consultant for CopyPress. CopyPress is a leading digital content production company, specializing in articles, infographics, interactives, and videos.

Five Tips for Hiring Freelancers

As your business grows, so too does your payroll. Hiring can be one of the biggest struggles for growing business. The amount of time, money, and other resources needed to find, vet, hire, and train new employees are overwhelming. And, when these new employees don’t work out, you find yourself in an even bigger hole than before.

Therefore, many successful businesses are turning to short-term contractors, or freelancers, to alleviate some of the bandwidth struggles they are experiencing. Using a freelancer can make sense if you want to mitigate the risks of new […]

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8 Efficient Business Practices To Start Now

The modern business must take advantage of useful tools to run at peak efficiency. Some tools improve productivity, while others remove excess downtime among employees or lower the risk of human error. If you’re looking for efficient business practices to streamline your venture, the following eight options offer excellent places to start.

Efficient Business Practices to Focus On

Virtual Phone Systems

According to a Gallup survey, as of 2016, 43 percent of employees work at home at least part of the time. When managing remote employees, you need a way to keep them […]

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What Drives Social Sharing? The Psychology of Viral Content

Social media can be tricky to understand. What people share, like, and comment on often seems random or irrelevant. However, new research into the science behind social sharing is helping us better understand the factors of viral content. No longer are the “how” and “why” of content engagement a mystery.

By better understanding the psychological gears behind social sharing, you’ll be able to use them to create content that will inspire and entice your readers to share that content through their networks.

Psychological Factors That Drive Social Sharing

Emotions are heavily involved in the reasons why certain types of content become popular. […]

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