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Whether you are expanding in your own backyard or into another country, my 3 Keys Coaching process helps clients not only navigate growth stages but also guide them to become better leaders and managers. With each stage of the 3 Keys coaching process, we tackle strategic planning, goal setting, navigating change and managing the stress and feelings of overwhelm that often plague small business owners. This results in clients feeling confident in identifying and developing strategies to be more effective leaders, plan more creatively, increase revenues and overcome the fears and obstacles that interfere with building thriving small businesses. I am also Chief Community Manager of Kaizen Biz and Host of Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz (a chat that uses the concept of "kaizen" for continual improvement in how we think and act in business). Please visit to learn more and I look forward to meeting you in a complimentary coaching session.

Business Tools: SWOT Analysis Really Is Your Best Friend

A few years ago, I wrote a post about how a SWOT analysis can be your best friend. A lot has happened since I wrote that post but my point remains the same. If anything, this review of your business is more necessary now than ever. Turbulence has become such a norm for all businesses, but it is perhaps felt more keenly by small businesses. While you can't anticipate absolutely everything, you can know where you stand if something catastrophic does occur. As CEO of your small business, it is essential that you have the big picture of what is currently going on in your business, what could happen and planning your goals accordingly.

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Running a Small Business: What Is a Living Business Plan?

Too often business owners write a plan for their bank or an investor and then let the plan moulder in their desk or in a forgotten file on their computer. A living business plan is entirely about how you work. It exists so you stay focused as you lead and manage your business. It is so easy to get sidetracked by the day to day grind, exciting opportunities or negative events. Take your dreams seriously and use a living business plan as your personalized path forward. Ready to start a business and make America a better place? Talk to CorpNet for a free business consultation on how to incorporate a business. CorpNet’s free tools, advice and guidance can help you choose a business structure, form an LLC, set up an S-Corporation or other corporate entity to protect your assets and attain the corporate tax benefits and financial advantages of doing business as a corporation.

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