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Howard Greenstein is President and Marketing Technology Strategist at the Harbrooke Group, Inc. He helps companies to communicate better with customers by helping them use technology opportunities more effectively. His clients include large and small businesses and nonprofits. Greenstein writes the Start-up Toolkit Column at, and teaches the Wired Nonprofit class at NYU's Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising.

Run Your Business Like a Community

I attended two meetings about Community Managers this past week, and both got me thinking about how businesses always benefit from connecting with their customers like a community. What is a community manager, you may ask? Tim McDonald of the Huffington Post Live likens it to being like a "magnet" that brings people toward your business. Community managers typically work on the social media and web presences of companies, helping guide conversation with a light hand and keep fans of the company engaged. If you could add in great friendly communicator, customer service maven, metrics fan and a desire to get everyone on board with your company's brand – that would be a community manager. Sounds like a helpful role for someone who is starting a business.

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Should I Create an Advisory Board?

Many of our CorpNet readers looking to incorporate or start a business are doing this for the first time. Way before you're ready to have a full outside Board of Directors, you may need some good advice, on a regular basis, from people you look up to or value in business. An advisory board is a group of people who want to see your business succeed, and who believe in your idea. They could easily be called your "sounding board."

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