About Krizia

Krizia (aka Miss K), is an Entrepreneur, Video Marketing Expert & You Tube Marketing Expert, Speaker & International Author! In just a couple of years of having a vision to first create an online beauty magazine and then a health magazine, she was able to sell both of them in May 2011 to American investors for several tens of thousands of dollars. One of the most valuable assets during the sale transaction was her YouTube channels! After understanding the power of video, Krizia has made it her mission to educate entrepreneurs by launching – a simple learning program to help entrepreneurs create AMAZING and IMPACTFUL video messages and Discover How to Use video to Attract MORE Clients, Sales and Profits!

Are You Afraid of Video?

Video is NOT a silver bullet. Just like any other marketing activity in your business, you NEED a strategy and you NEED to be clear on your intentions. You've got to decide on the goals for your video before you start shooting. A well-thought out plan will guarantee that your video gets the results you want and long-term you’ll be able to monetize those videos.

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Pinterest to Get More YouTube Video Views!

So you’re starting a business in the creative field. Congratulations! Have you thought of how you’re going to market your cool products? Let’s face it, when you’re starting a business, you usually have limited funds when it comes to promotion! Very few start-ups can afford the services of a PR agency, a video production firm or a SEO firm to help boost traffic to their e-commerce site. Pinterest is an image-driven social network that is a godsend for retailers and artists because it gives them a chance to easily show off and share images of their products and creations.

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