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Makeda Waterman is a professional writer. She has written for Huffington Post,, Elite Daily, Infusionsoft, and among others. When she’s not freelance writing, you can find her traveling to the Rocky Mountains or eating out at a new restaurant in her city.

6 Tips to Improve Employee Appreciation Programs

The secret to creating a work environment employee’s want to work is to recognize their hard work in creative ways that will be appreciated. Employee appreciation programs need to be researched before implementation, and the conversation starts with employees. It is one of the best ways to retain top talent in a workforce of professionals that often feel disengaged at work.

Start a Conversation

The best source of information to enhance the employee experience starts with, employees. It can be achieved with one of the following strategies:

  • A survey with open-ended questions
  • Townhall […]
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19 Options for Small Business Invoicing Software

An article on Business Insider stated that 40 percent of Americans will be freelancers running their own small business by the time 2020 arrives. If this proves to be true, that is a major shift in how Americans work and make their money.

Sadly, a lot of new – and even experienced freelancers – fail to operate successful and sustainable small businesses. One of the main reasons most businesses disappear after the first year of operation is because they fail to achieve a stable revenue stream. Many times they get caught up […]

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