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Rachel Blaufeld is the Founder, Writer, and Editor behind the blog, Back’nGrooveMom, on the intersection of family centricity and entrepreneurship where NO topic is off limits. Originally a personal blog detailing her own adventures of inventing a product and starting a business, Rachel discovered she had a wide audience of moms looking for tips and conversation on remaining relevant while growing a business and a family. The Back’nGrooveMom brand quickly expanded to be a part of the Federated Media Publishing Network and The Daily Buzz for Moms, featured on Modern Mom, and as an expert blogger on StartUpNation. Rachel can be found providing brand influence while continuing to be an outpost at the crossroads of being a mom and business owner. When not writing or speaking to groups of women, Rachel can be found watching basketball with her boys, shoe shopping, dog walking, or desperately trying to run.

5 Steps to Getting Back to The Heart of Your Business

Heart GraphicThe start of 2013 has brought a whole new crop of women who want to follow their passion and start their own businesses to my virtual door.  I love the excitement and energy behind each and every one of them.  Mostly because it is filled with heart.  There is nothing but pure, unadulterated passion behind their motives.  This is more than likely behind both men and women who are ready to jumpstart their lives with a new business venture.

For me this holds special […]

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