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Sian Phillips is the new Managing Editor of and contributor to the site with business interviews and posts on Social Media and Accounting. I'm a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism too. My other “jobs” include being an associate with The Ahain Group and I'm also a Moderator on My typical week is spent doing accounts for a few clients, writing content and blog posts for other clients, moderating and sharing posts and looking after too.

10 Ways to Pimp Your Facebook Page and Get Results

Facebook is very probably where a lot of your customers are, therefore you should have a presence there too for your business. You have to work a lot harder if you are a B2B rather than a B2C on the social site to get results, but it is still achievable. It isn’t necessarily a simple task to attract likes and therefore potential customers, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult either. Apart from all the tips below you must ENGAGE, or Social Media just won't work for you.

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8 Amazing Twitter Success Stories and ROI

Social Media IllustrationTwitter has been amazing for me and you could say the opportunities I have gained from it have changed my life. When I first used it over 4 years ago I had just started blogging too so I was getting my blogs out there on Twitter. My writing was picked up by Niall Devitt and he invited me to join a business blogging site he was just setting up – Tweak Your Biz (formerly Bloggertone). Three years later and I am the […]

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The A to Z of Social Media: Part Two

As I've mentioned previously, social media can be very daunting when you are just starting off. It does take time and perseverance to get it right so don't expect to get an immediate result. However there is a huge amount of information available to help you achieve your purpose. I covered Apps to LinkedIn in Part One of this series, so now it's the rest of the alphabet with social media tips.

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The A to Z of Social Media: Part One

If you're starting a business, social media can look like a minefield you have to tread carefully through, being afraid to take one wrong step. As with anything, it takes time and perseverance to get it right; believe me it doesn’t all happen overnight. However there is a huge amount of information available to help you achieve your purpose. Here are some tips and links to really useful posts that will help.

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12 Tips to Write a Better Blog Post

Firstly I’d like to say I don't consider myself an expert on blog writing; I will probably miss lots of points that you may know about so hopefully you will share them in the comments section. I can say I’ve been blogging for four years plus I read about 100 blogs a week through my various jobs. I also qualified as a Journalist 10 years ago. However I am mainly writing this from the point of view of being the Managing Editor of Tweak Your Biz and I'm learning every day about the best way to write a blog. These tips should help you to write copy that will look good. Plus if you write as a guest contributor these suggestions are handy to know to get on the right side of the person editing the blogs, therefore hopefully getting published more often. Wordpress is my platform of choice and from what I’ve heard it does rate above all others.

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How NOT to Succeed on Twitter

You’ve started your business and thought you’d better start using Social Media too. Everyone is probably telling you that you need to be on Twitter especially, as all your customers are probably there, just waiting for you to connect with. But where do you start? Or maybe you are already on Twitter and are wondering why it's not working for you.

2019-11-30T04:06:17-08:00January 15th, 2013|Categories: Growth and Expansion|

5 Accounts New Year Resolutions To Save You Money

Every year after starting a small business, you always plan to keep your accounts in order. It lasts a week or so and then it all goes wrong. When it comes time to give your paperwork to your accountant it’s a huge chore that you put off until the last minute making it even worse.

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My Top Blog Posts of 2012

I have to say that 2012 has been pretty amazing for me. From going it alone in 2010 and being just that little bit scared I am now part of,, and That’s a lot of amazing big .com’s to appreciate I know, and I still have my staple accountancy clients.

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Social Media Scheduling: Creating Time For Your Business

Starting a business can be daunting and time consuming. If it’s just yourself or a small business it’s even harder. There is so much to do and so many things to think about. And then there are people like me saying you have to be on Social Media as well to get your name out there and to get free marketing. Where can you find the time? How can you attract people in different time zones? How can you cover all Social Media Platforms simply without using too much time? What if you can’t be online 24/7?

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