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Susan Payton is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a marketing firm specializing in content writing and social media management, as well as the founder of She’s written three business books: How to Get More Customers with Press Releases, 101 Entrepreneur Tips and Internet Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including The Marketing Eggspert Blog, AllBusiness, CorpNet, Small Business Trends, Chamber of Commerce and BizLaunch. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

Bone Up on Podcasting

As you learn how to run a business, it’s always a good idea to add variety to your content marketing strategy. Podcasting, or an episodic series of digital audio broadcasts, is another way of distributing content to your audience. People may argue the specifics of what makes a podcast a podcast, but the only thing that is not disputed is that the audience for podcasts grows each month. Meanwhile the experts argue about whether the medium is in “the middle of a long boom or a short bubble,” but everyone agrees that podcasting is an emerging way to nurture an audience.

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11 Steps You Should Take to Improve Your Q4 Marketing

As of September 30th, there will only be about 90 days left in the year and Q4 will be a reality. Rather than worrying about what you haven’t done, take time right now to research, prepare, and launch your Q4 marketing. So what do retailers need to be doing now to be ready for Q4? Here are 11 things you can do to to get your business ready:

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Marketing From the Ground Up

I meet a lot of small business owners who are frustrated because they try one or two marketing strategies like email or blogging, and then don't understand why those techniques don't send them traffic. What I tell them — and will tell you — is that you have to start with the right foundation and have marketing goals if you want to actually move the needle and get results.

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8 Ways to Become an Email Marketing Genius

Email is a tried and true tool that often gets the least fanfare around shinier tools like social media, but it is such a dependable and reliable tool in your marketing arsenal that you owe it to yourself to keep your email skills fresh and fabulous. It is easy to think that after decades of using email that you need not polish your skills. However, this mindset will quickly erode your value as a marketer. As we proceed into the latter half of the year and deeper into our 12-month primer on developing your marketing know-how, I want to focus on ways to improve your email marketing skillset and encourage you to keep developing the tools of your trade.

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5 DIY Marketing Skills to Build This Month

In January, I provided a 12-month calendar to help you improve your marketing. This month’s focus is: improve a skill. Marketing is a must-have skill that you use in every facet of building your business. From writing your business plan to customer service, you are continuously hone your marketing proficiency. By doing it yourself, you build your skills, and in order to develop this know-how, you must dedicate yourself to learning.

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18 Ways to Promote Your Brand Online (Without Being Annoying)

Social media has proven to be worthy of all the adulation. It has demonstrated its ability to connect people, enable conversation, and help small businesses build brand awareness quickly. By now, I hope you have an established and up-to-date presence on various social media websites. As these platforms have mushroomed over the last few years, they now share some ubiquitous feature that make them even easier to use.

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Spend Less Time on Marketing: Automation Tools You Can’t Live Without

Would you be shocked at how little time I spend each week marketing my business? Probably. On average, I spend under an hour managing my social media, email, and other marketing components. Am I practicing magic? Not so. I'm simply using smart tools to automate a lot of my marketing tasks. I'll share my secret formula with you so you can save time and get more marketing done.

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Before Publishing That Tweet, 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

One of the advantages of social media in general and Twitter in particular is the ease of publishing and the speed of getting your message out to the multitudes. Watch out though: this benefit can quickly turn into a disadvantage because off-the-cuff remarks or swift comebacks can undermine your brand’s core message. Of course, you don’t want to overthink your communications either because the shelf-life of a tweet can be very, very brief when 500 million tweets are published every day.

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3 Tricks That Will Help You Write Consistent Blog Posts

You have a gorgeous website, but it only has a handful posts or you’re gearing up to go live, and oops...your content is lackluster. What can you do to bolster your lack of content? Well, barring your ability to time-travel or clone yourself, the only thing you can do is change your habits around blogging from this point on. If you devote yourself to consistent effort, you will, through the magic of time passing, soon have an abundance of beautiful posts on your website. The biggest barrier between you and consistent posting is excuses. Accept no more excuses from yourself and use these three amazing tips to support you in your quest to write consistent blog posts.

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