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Tom Taulli, who is a JD and Enrolled Agent, operates BizDeductor (, which helps prepare tax returns as well as provide services to deal with IRS actions like audits, wage garnishments and bank levies.

Ready For Estimated Tax Payments?

When starting a business, you need to do quite a bit of heavy lifting. Of course, a big part of this is handling the complexities of the US tax system. In fact, one particular area that often trips up entrepreneurs is something called estimated tax payments.

The main reason is that this is quite different from when you have a job. You see, a self-employed person needs to essentially do what an employer does – that is, make ongoing payments to the IRS.

This often comes as a complete surprise to first-time entrepreneurs. After […]

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How a Small Business Can Avoid Being Audited

It’s true that the odds of being audited are fairly low – under 1%.  Yet this may not last long.  The IRS has been changing some of its procedures – such as allowing agents to conduct audits via mail — and has also been increasing its hiring.

Besides, the agency tends to focus more on smaller businesses.  Why?  The assumption is that the recordkeeping is not as disciplined and business owners may be doing their own tax preparation, which could increase the risk of getting things wrong.

When it comes to audits, though, there […]

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