Running your own business can be incredibly stressful on its own, and as soon as a mother has to balance the responsibilities of business ownership with being a mom, that stress can go through the roof almost immediately. While you may love both your family and your job, finding the balance is usually easier said than done.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be stuck in limbo all the time, constantly running from work to home and juggling tasks. But it does mean, that you need a plan a way to make everything work together so you can really have your cake and eat it too.

Use these tips to balance your life as a mother and a business owner in a sane, reasonable fashion:

Set a Schedule, Stick With It

When you’re trying to run a business and care for your family, the most important thing you can do is come up with a set schedule that works for you. There are usually only a handful of moms that can easily work the 9-to-5 without interruptions, but we often call them “super-moms.” For the rest of us moms, especially if we’re doing our business from our own homes, working without interruptions would be a blessing.

Between driving the kids to-and-from school and doing miscellaneous chores around the house throughout the day, it’s not uncommon to have to put work aside, so that means all of these little things will need to become a part of your schedule. Anything you need to do on a regular basis, even if that’s juggling work and your personal life, needs to become part of your non-negotiable schedule.

Your Calendar Is Your Best Friend

Organization is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to running a business and balancing a personal life that includes children. Staying on top of everything you need to take care of in a timely fashion will help you avoid those critical moments when you feel pulled in three directions all at once.

Whether you choose to use a paper calendar, a calendar on your computer or one your smartphone – which might be your best bet – making sure you schedule all your regular tasks and any that will cause you to alter your routine right away is essential.

Google Calendar is probably one of the best ways to stay on track with your daily schedule, as it can be accessed from both your computer and your smartphone. You can also schedule everything by the hour, which can be incredibly useful for a busy mom like yourself. There are also plenty of other organization apps available depending on what kind of smartphone you actually have.

Get Help

Taking care of day-to-day business and caring for a child (or children) can certainly be overwhelming. That’s why many moms that are also business owners seek help to make their lives run a bit smoother. However, knowing where to get help isn’t always easy.

For many moms running a business, the best method for finding help actually means finding somebody to help at home once in awhile, like a babysitter or nanny, as well as finding help in the office on a part-time basis.

Be Present

Being present at work and in your personal life is incredibly important when you’re trying to find a balance that will make your life fulfilled and happy, while adequately providing for your family.

When you’re at work, try to limit your personal distractions as much as possible. Focus on getting more accomplished than you planned for the day – not barely scraping.

At home, turn off your phone and avoid checking e-mail. Spend the time you block out for your family being fully present with them.

Taking care of family responsibilities while running a business, especially if you are new to either one, can seem like an insane challenge that you’re simply not up to. The truth is that it takes some time and a bit of trial and error before you figure out the best system for you.

These challenges are often even greater if you work from home and constantly have family around. Still, over time, you’ll find a way to make your business and your family life intermix nicely – even if still gets a little messy at times.

Naomi Shaw is a stay-at-home mom in Southern California. After being a stay-at-home mom for seven years, she now works full-time as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about mommy tips and DIY crafts, providing insight, advice and more! She hopes you enjoy this article.