Street Sign: Blogs, Videos, ForumsContent marketing is one of the best ways to market a small business, and blogging is the best tool in the shed for it. If you’re starting a business and looking to build your marketing strategy, consider blogging. Here’s why.

Benefits of Blogging

Having a company blog helps you establish your brand as an expert in your industry. As the representative for your brand, you have the unique opportunity to share what you’ve learned in your field with potential customers.

People are searching for information online every minute. They’re even looking for information you know. So if you write a blog post on, say, benefits of blogging, and someone finds it when searching on Google for that topic, they can click the link to your blog and read your post.

But why do you care, you ask? Not only are people looking for information, they’re also looking for companies to buy products from. Let’s say Sally needs to legitimize her business by either filing a DBA, incorporating a business, or forming an LLC. She’s done her homework and found a few companies that offer this service. But she’s also looking for information on protecting a business name and finds related blog posts at’s blog on the topic. She finds the article useful, as well as other content on the blog.

When it comes time for her to choose a DBA service, she chooses CorpNet because she trusts the brand. Blogging creates trust, especially when you focus on delivering useful content, not constant self-promotion.

What to Blog About

One hurdle small businesses often have is figuring out what to blog about. Truthfully, there’s no limit to what you can write about; you just have to get creative. Some topic ideas include:

  • Company news
  • How to tips
  • Basic definitions
  • Product info
  • Video blogs
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Customer spotlight
  • Top 10

Consider what customers ask you about the most. This is great fodder for future blog posts. You can do some research to see what other content on similar subjects is out there to get ideas for your own blog.

Who Should Blog?

If you’re a decent writer and have the time, as the business owner, you should blog. But if writing gives you a headache, hand it over to someone more prolific than yourself, such as someone in your marketing department, or even an outside agency or freelance writer. The key is to keep the content in the voice of your company, so oversee the content production for a while to make sure the tone and voice is what you envisioned.

Where to Share

A blog does better if the content is amplified, meaning that the more people that see the posts, the higher the traffic. Share each blog post on you social media networks, in your newsletter and any other channels that will get you in front of more readers.

If you’re like Sally and need to file a DBA or incorporate, contact one of our business experts here at to get started.