@ SignConsumers are relying more heavily on apps and social networks for up-to-date information and promotions in real-time, which means traditional email marketing strategies are becoming obsolete. A strong social networking presence must be a part of a business’s model because that’s where customers and potential leads are.

Facebook and Twitter users expect to see favorite brands and businesses that meet their needs on their social platforms. Does that mean you should abandon direct-email marketing altogether?

Not necessarily. Continue to efficiently utilize every outlet, but build successful campaigns by connecting social media, mobile and apps with inboxes.

Social Networking Campaigns

Entice online users who are active on their social networks by posting and promoting. Posting an exciting product launch or special discount online to Facebook has the potential to quickly attract the attention of users who may just be idly looking at newsfeed content. With social media platforms, your marketer has more creative freedom on how to interest users and represent your brand. For example, a yoga studio isn’t restricted to a text-only subject line for attracting the attention of yogis. To reach out to yogis and grow memberships, a studio can upload an inspirational graphic to promote discounted merchandise or special events. The image along with promotional text not only visually entices social networkers, it enhances the image of the brand.

Email Signup Encouragement

Approach your posts and Tweets as a digital space for redirecting people to email signups. Use verbiage such as, “click here to receive discounts directly in your inboxes” or “sign up to receive emails and be the first to know about special savings and exclusive events.” Think of posts and Tweets as social teasers. Your social media and email marketing campaigns should be delivered in a way that assures people that signing up is worth their time and inbox space.

Effective Email Marketing

In addition to unifying social networking campaigns with your email marketing initiatives, TopRankBlog.com recommends the following email marketing campaign tips to encourage, “Yes! I’m confident your emails will inspire and excite!” and prevent, “No! I’m afraid your emails will be stupid, uninformative and a nuisance.”

  • Know your audience and optimize campaigns that meet their needs. Address software solutions can reduce bounce rates, improve sender reputation and ensure inbox placement. It’s great for campaigns because it can identify dead domain names, malicious email addresses and common typographical errors. Address software can improve your understanding of your target demographic, such as their geographical location, income and online shopping histories. Econsultancy.com spotlights how Tesco’s Clubcard gathered customer data to help the company deliver “personalised shopping list to customers” that are “unique and dynamically tailored.”
  • Personalize your emails to avoid sending content that looks and sounds like spam. Personalization has an effect on recipients and eliminates your emails from being a bore and marketing archetype. While getting personal, don’t forget to keep ongoing email content consistent and ensure it identifies with your brand.
  • Encourage action and shares. Emails should elicit an actionable response such as clicking on a link to the company website. Emails should include sharable icons and social networking buttons for further connections and more communication.

As an HR recruiter and advisor, Melissa shares tips and ideas on what software will help a company move toward a more organized and well-managed business.