Although, businesses today have largely migrated and adapted to the digital terrain; so you might be tempted to think business cards don’t matter anymore. However, you must put your belief to the contrary, for business cards are still highly important.

Consider this: you met with an influencing personality, got along well with him, and established a good camaraderie. Meanwhile, you both exchanged your business cards and after some time, that same person helped you get more clients and business opportunities. In a nutshell, a business card is no less than a roadmap to opportunity. However, making your business card useful, relevant and attractive for your clients is very important.

Why Business Cards Still Hold an Immense Value

1. Business Cards are the Physical Face of Your Business

A business card is the face of your business and an extension of your brand. When you meet someone that could potentially be your client, handing them your business card can go a long way in keeping your business in the back of their minds. At the first meeting, they may not need your product or service, but the same can’t be said about the future. Therefore, it is also very crucial for you to make sure that they walk away with a great first impression. In view of this, a unique business card will actually fuel the conversation even further.

2. Business Cards are Easy to Give Away

Business cards are a cheap, portable, and easy way of promoting your business, so there is no reason not to have one. They never have downtime and are always accessible. They have nothing to with signal reception, dead zones or internet outages; they can be viewed no matter where you are located such as airplanes or hospitals. Moreover, you can take them whenever you go to conferences, business meetings, and tradeshows etc. At such occasions, business cards help you establish new business connections by simply giving them away.

3. They Can Act as an Effective Direct Marketing Tool

With most businesses being done digitally, newer methods like email marketing, SEO, and paid media have definitely started a new way of marketing, but they still are considered as cold marketing. In contrast, if you have a personal meeting followed by a warm handshake along with business cards exchange, you are more likely to be better remembered and preferred to others. A custom-designed and attractive business card with a strategically placed logo and marketing slogan will help you reinforce your brand. The more creative your business card is, the more it gets shared, which means it continues to market for you. The person receiving a creative business card of yours will likely to show it others, thereby attracting additional prospects.

4. They Enhance Your Credibility in the Market

A business card that contains tangible information for others, and depicts your profile in proper way enhances your credibility because it shows legitimacy and gives a professional image of your business. When selling your ideas and business to new prospects, your business card helps you provide proof of your own commitment and pride in what you do. Whether a taxi-cab service highlighting its contact information or a big-shot lawyer provides details to his client, a well-drafted business card builds a sense of credibility. You should also remember the fact that other people may also approach your prospective client, but if your business card is the one that looks more professional will be remembered the most.

5. They Show You’re Well Prepared

A well-designed business card invariably depicts how well you are prepared for conducting business with your potential clients and customers. If you come across some people in your field who fail to furnish their cards and provide their details on papers, would you like to conduct business with them? Probably not! So, the same logic applies to your case as well. You should be prepared at any given moment to sell your business through a creative card. Since they can be anytime useful for you, you can set yourself a goal to how many people you want to connect, and have enough cards for those interactions.


While technology has paved the way for establishing new connections, but business cards still have obvious scope and possibilities for building a larger client base. The above reasons are enough to tell you about their significance to this day.