When you’re starting a business, there seem to be an almost unending number of things on your to-do list. Sometimes it even feels as if for every item you cross off, two more take its place.

While some of the decisions are minor, others carry great weight and can have a tremendous impact on the future of your business – and your entire life.  One of the things that should be at the top of your list is incorporating your business. You’ve worked hard to get started, and you’ll continue to work hard to turn a profit. You owe it to yourself and your family to protect your personal assets and have the peace of mind that your business is a legitimate entity.

But with everything else that you have to do, how do you even go about filing all the necessary paperwork and making sure that you’ve done it all correctly?  Let CorpNet help!   Our professional staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you every step of the way. From choosing a business structure to reserving a name to filing with the Secretary of State, CorpNet.com can make the filing process quick and painless.

It is possible to handle all of your business filings yourself. It will require doing lots of research to be sure you’re filing the correct documents, completing all of the forms, paying individual fees, and quite possibly hiring an attorney to advise you.  With CorpNet.com, you have a one-stop destination for all of your business filings. Everything can be handled at once, and all for an extremely reasonable fee.

CorpNet.com can help right from the beginning, with a Starting a Business Checklist that lists everything you need to know in order to get your company up and running. Our Free Corporate Name Search lets you be sure that the name you’ve chosen for your company is available, and we can help you to reserve the name for your own use.

Let CorpNet.com apply for your Employer Identification Number (also known as a Federal Tax ID Number), the first step in incorporating your business. If you aren’t sure whether you need a business license, CorpNet will advise you, and file the application for you.

Once your business is incorporated, CorpNet.com can continue to provide valuable services. If you make any changes to your corporate structure, our staff can file the appropriate Articles of Amendment. Take the worry out of filing your annual report with our service.

CorpNet.com can provide filing services in all 50 states. Our staff is professional, courteous and reliable, and all services are fully guaranteed.

Contact CorpNet.com today, and cross all of those business filings right off your list.

We look forward to processing your business filing request!