reviewsOne of the best ways to attract new business is to let your customers speak for you. Online customer reviews are taking precedence over other types of marketing: 90% of shoppers are influenced on their purchases by positive reviews of brands. That’s not a number you can afford to ignore.

Find Out What Customers Really Think

Often during a transaction, there’s little time to really assess what a customer is thinking. In general, people seem to leave your store happy. You’ve got even less information about a customer’s mindset if your transactions are purely online. It might not be until you read their review of your business that you really know what they were thinking.

Usually this is a good thing. People have time between the transaction and the review to reflect on their experience, pull out the highlights they want to share, and give you a true look in the mirror.

(On the other hand, if they had a bad experience, this time gives them opportunity to brew. But don’t sweat the negative reviews. Deal with them.)

I just can’t resist sharing a recent CorpNet review as an example of this from TrustPilot:

For many years, and through several different companies, CorpNet has been there for me. I have used their LLC formation and dissolution services…and then their formation service again, and then once again (but this time’s a keeper ;-) I have also taken advantage of their services for annual report filing as well as registered agent monitoring and notification. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if left to my own devices with these matters.

What really makes CorpNet stand out, in my opinion, is the level of service, the consistency of the experience and the price. You speak to live humans whenever you want (during business hours, of course). And beyond that, these are live humans that actually get to know you. Folks like Amanda Beren and Kaitlin Garcia, special shout-outs to you! State fees aside, the fees for CorpNet services are so nominal. And you just can’t put a price on doing the best you can for your small business.

Please tell Miss Akalp my hat is tipped to her. You and your company provide endless examples of how to rock a small business on every level. Thanks for the inspiration.

This review gives us insight into how a long-time customer sees us. There’s a reason he keeps coming back for more help filing an LLC, and thanks to this review, I can commend the two employees who have made this customer happy.

Ask for Them

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking customers to review you. If they had a great experience, they should be happy to do the favor for you. Direct them to the channels you want reviews on (and remember to put your focus on one or two sites so your company page will reflect plenty of happy customers, rather than disparate reviews on dozens of sites).

Be Responsive

A key strategy with online reviews is responding to each and every one of them, if only to thank your customers for their kind words. If those words weren’t so kind, it’s imperative that you apologize for the bad experience and remedy it immediately.

Remember: your business thrives because of your customers. Encouraging them to be advocates for your brand can help you continue to succeed for years to come.