Woman in SuitNo one taught us how to do it.  Establish our boundaries, ask for what we want, say what we will and won’t do and then document it all in an agreement.

It’s no wonder that most businesses are rife with hidden conflict behind the scenes. If you haven’t experienced it yet and you aren’t documenting your agreements, it’s really only a matter of time.

This is where the truth-telling lawyer and my very close friend, Alexis Neely comes in. After having built multiple million-dollar businesses, she also accumulated over $1,000,000 worth of mistakes – most of which can be traced to spending little, if any, time getting clear on expectations and documenting agreements.

Even though she’s a lawyer, she simply didn’t understand how to ask for agreements, why they were so important and how to get through the emotional barrier to getting them in place.

Now that she’s learned this lesson the hard way, she wants to teach you the easy steps to take so you don’t have to!

When it comes to starting a business, protecting your business (whether it be incorporating your business, forming an LLC, or registering a Trademark), documents, records, and signed contracts–with partners, vendors, team members, investors, and clients–just might be the true secret of success.

Without them, you are asking for big, expensive, uncomfortable surprises.

Worse, you could be setting yourself up to fail, sabotaging the work you are here to do in the world–and selling yourself short.

Do you feel the soft spots in your business where you need more clear agreements right now? Does that feel vulnerable and shaky? Would you rather have a solid foundation for success?

TODAY 9/27/2012…Alexis is offering a LIVE Q&A call prepared just for you, where she’s offering you the chance to ask her any and all of your questions – and as the truth-telling lawyer, she’ll give you straight, easy to understand solutions that you can easily do yourself.

If “business agreements” sounds like a boring and ominous part of your business that you chronically avoid, then this is definitely the call for you.

The good news is — Alexis has never been accused of being dry! It will be an ENTERTAINING conversation where you hear her share her million dollar mistakes, and learn from them.

It will be PRACTICAL. You’ll leave the call with immediately implementable strategies you can put into action on your own – without even hiring a lawyer.

And where you once had FEAR you will gain CONFIDENCE. Think about all of the time and energy you spend worrying about these issues, trying not to face them. Now, you’ll be able to look your agreements straight in the eye.

Join Alexis TODAY on September 27th 9am PDT (12pm EDT)

Even if you can’t make it live, you’ll want to register for the call, enter your questions, then watch the replay to hear all the answers.

Alexis and I look forward to “seeing” you there!

PS. Remember to send in your questions and be there LIVE for the free call on September 27th!